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579 Possible Causes for Varicocele

  • Nephroblastoma

    […] whites with an approximately equal gender distribution Clinical Findings Asymptomatic abdominal mass most common Abdominal pain Hematuria Hypertension Urinary tract infection Varicocele[] Malaise, fever, weight loss, and a varicocele may be present.[] […] vomiting blood in the urine (in about 20% of cases) high blood pressure in some cases (especially if synchronous or metachronous bilateral kidney involvement) Rarely as varicocele[]

  • Spermatic Cord Hydrocele

    Demo Videos Code Information 63.1 - Excision of varicocele and hydrocele of spermatic cord The above description is abbreviated.[] The corresponding procedure code would be 55530 (excision of varicocele or ligation of spermatic veins for varicocele; [separate procedure]), 55535 ( abdominal approach) or[] References: Imaging in spontaenous thrombosis of varicocele Back to top E)large intratesticular varicocele Case-5-very severe-left-intratesticular-varicocele Intratesticular[]

  • Adrenocortical Carcinoma

    Varicoceles could be an early presentation of a non-functioning adrenocortical carcinoma.[] Only one case report of ACC presenting as right-sided varicocele was found [ 6 ].[] Physicians should perform a complete abdominal examination in every patient with varicocele or testicular pain.[]

  • Varicocele

    Varicocele embolization: A catheter directed varicocele embolization is a nonsurgical treatment that is highly effective to treat symptomatic varicoceles.[] […] if: Varicocele was palpable.[] Varicoceles occur in around 15% of all men. [3] The incidence of varicocele increase with age.[]

  • Spermatocele

    Google Scholar Bates J (1927) Symptomatic varicocele. J Urol 18: 649. Google Scholar Brown JS, Dubin L, Hotchkiss RS (1967) The varicocele as related to fertility.[] Additionally, unlike varicoceles, they do not reduce fertility [4].[] […] dysfunction Hydrocele Paraphimosis (unable to pull foreskin over penis) Penile cancer (carcinoma of the penis) Testicular cancer Testicular Torsion Varicose veins in the scrotum (varicocele[]

  • Testicular Disease

    Varicocele. Varicocele is a dilation of the veins above the testicle and is usually harmless.[] […] asymptomatic dull, aching pain that resolves laying down infertility testis atrophy in peds Varicocele: PE PE: -left sided or bilateral -unilateral right sided varicocele[] The relationship of these lesions with the presence or absence of a varicocele is discussed.[]

  • Pelvic Congestion Syndrome

    Pelvic varicoceles were present in all patients with pelvic congestion syndrome and in six control subjects.[] However, males can also have varicose veins pelvis - the most commonly known is the "varicocele" - a varicose vein seen around one or both testicles.[] An analogous condition in males, varicocele testis, has been treated successfully for many years by transcatheter embolotherapy.[]

  • Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma

    ; [10] anaemia resulting from depression of erythropoietin ; [8] erythrocytosis (increased production of red blood cells ) due to increased erythropoietin secretion; [8] varicocele[]

  • Renal Vein Thrombosis

    Here, we report a case of membranous glomerulonephritis-induced renal vein thrombosis presented with the symptom of acute scrotal pain caused by thrombosis-induced varicocele[] […] venogram, Renovascular hypertension, SVC obstruction, Splenic infarction, Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPS), Uterine artery embolization, Uterine fibroids, Varicocele[] .  Gross hematuria  Increased proteinuria  Left sides varicocele as left testicular vein drains into renal vein.  Acute decline in glomerular filtration rate 9.  Chronic[]

  • Male Infertility due to Globozoospermia

    Varicocele A urologist often is consulted after an abnormal semen analysis is obtained. The most common abnormality discovered by the urologist is a "varicocele."[] Surgical Therapy Varicocele Ligation If a varicocele is found, sometimes surgery to ligate (tie off) the abnormally dilated veins is recommended.[] ICSI can frequently overcome the problems with sperm parameters caused by having a varicocele. In most men, varicocele ligations are no longer recommended.[]

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