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984 Possible Causes for Vasospasm

  • Raynaud Phenomenon

    DU are a severe complication of microvessel involvement and also of the persistent vasospasm of RP.[] Raynaud's disease has a feature of developing vasospasm only, with no relationship with any other condition.[] Abstract Raynaud phenomenon, a vascular disorder triggered by cold or emotional stress, results from an exaggerated vasoconstriction and vasospasm of the digital arteries[]

  • Raynaud's Disease

    The Hexopal group felt subjectively better and had demonstrably shorter and fewer attacks of vasospasm during the trial period.[] Extreme cold temperatures and conditions of stress are known to induce attacks of vasospasm.[] The vasospasm of primary Raynaud's disease can be triggered by acute emotional stress.[]

  • Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

    The vasospasm is a multifactorial disorder and can lead to delayed cerebral ischemia (DCI).[] Every patient with severe vasospasm manifested delayed symptoms and signs.[] When the patient survives it can lead to permanent incapacity especially if the patient develops vasospasm.[]

  • Reversible Cerebral Vasoconstriction Syndrome

    The vasospasm resolved within 3 months.[] Management of CNS vasospasm generally involves the use of centrally acting calcium channel blockers, which have been shown to relieve the associated headaches and transient[] A literature review in pubmed with keywords, fingolimod, vasospasm, RCVS, Call-Fleming, stroke, PRES and hemorrhage.[]

  • Variant Angina Pectoris

    In many cases, coronary artery vasospasm can occur spontaneously without an identifiable cause.[] We strongly believe that the variant angina is due to coronary vasospasm induced by Behçet's syndrome in this patient.[] Coronary-artery vasospasm. N Engl J Med. 2017 Jun 22. 376(25):e52. [Medline]. [Full Text].[]

  • Ruptured Cerebral Aneurysm

    When HN ranged from 68 to 73, the incidence of vasospasm was 50%. When HN was 73 or more, vasospasm occurred in all cases.[] The aneurysm was finally disclosed and operated successfully on the 49th day when cerebral vasospasm had disappeared completely.[] We report a patient with a ruptured middle cerebral artery aneurysm with severe vasospasm and thrombosis within the aneurysm immediately after angiography.[]

  • Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria

    OBJECTIVES: The present review summarizes the available knowledge regarding acute and chronic kidney dysfunction in patients with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH) focusing on its clinical features, pathophysiology and treatment. METHODS: A thorough PubMed search was performed using as main keywords:[…][]

  • Thunderclap Headache

    Both cases demonstrated the potential for reversible intracranial vasospasm without intracranial aneurysm or SAH and a benign clinical outcome.[] […] with a subsequent thunderclap headache, then continuous or near continuous cerebral artery vasospasm leading to a persistent daily headache.[] Diffuse cerebral vasospasm was demonstrated in one of them. All their headaches resolved spontaneously (n 1) or after nimodipine treatment (n 3).[]

  • Frostbite

    Upper extremity and hand angiography within 16 h of the insult showed thrombotic occlusive disease and vasospasm.[] […] perfusion deficits in severely frostbitten digits and treated these lesions with intraarterial infusion of thrombolytic agents, usually combined with papaverine to reduce vasospasm[] In terms of distinguishing on angiography vasospasm, that is a result of sludging and secondary consequences of the frostbite injury vs vasospasm, the simple vasospasm, I[]

  • Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy

    Coronary vasospasm-related Takotsubo cardiomyopathy. A serial echocardiographic study.[] Sufficient attention to persistent abnormalities on electrocardiography is warranted, even after improvements in cardiac wall motion and the vasospasm period.[] The pathophysiology of the disorder remains to be elucidated but may involve catecholamine excess and vasospasm.[]

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