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40 Possible Causes for Verbal Outbursts

  • Agitated Depression

    Violent verbal outbursts are also a possibility. Below you'll see a list of other symptoms that may present themselves as well.[] outbursts.[] […] at the clothing Intense feelings and thoughts Endless thoughts and movement which are essentially without base Talking nearly continuously Wringing of the hands Violent verbal[]

  • Alzheimer Disease

    Agitation/restlessness was the most common (manifested by approximately 3 of every 4 patients), followed by verbal outbursts and sundowning (manifested by approximately 1[] An aggressiveness subscale score sums three symptoms scores: verbal outbursts; physical threats, violence or both; and other kinds of agitation (e.g., wandering, thrashing[] outbursts, physical threats/violence, agitation/restlessness, and sundowning) was extracted and examined as a time-dependent predictor in Cox models.[]

  • Conversion Disorder

    Famously, a group of about 20 teen girls in New York all came down with the same symptoms, including stuttering, seizures and verbal outbursts, between 2011 and 2012.[] outbursts.[] outbursts, and even loss of vision and paralysis -- it would mean that it's due to nothing more than stress.[]

  • Hysterical Neurosis

    outbursts.[] […] been much media attention focused on fifteen teenage girls from a small town in upstate New York who all began demonstrating mysterious symptoms of facial tics, spasms, and verbal[]

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

    Almost overnight, they develop obsessions, compulsions, or tics; uncontrollable muscle twitches; or verbal outbursts. The cause is still unknown.[] outbursts.[] […] there is an increased risk of OCD in people with Tourette (tu-RET) syndrome, an inherited nervous system disorder that causes repeated, uncontrollable muscle twitches and verbal[]

  • Borderline Personality Disorder

    They may display extreme sarcasm, enduring bitterness, or verbal outbursts.[] In contrast, other forms of impulsivity, which included eating binges, verbal outbursts, and spending sprees, declined only from 93.8% at baseline to 65.5% at 6-year follow-up[]

  • Alcohol Withdrawal Seizures

    Alcohol withdrawal behaviors, such as verbal abuse, violent outbursts, and somatic or tactile delusions (e.g., the patient may thrash around and try to hit and remove imagined[]

  • Bipolar Disorder

    Predominant symptom presents as irritability with outbursts of anger, verbal aggression and strange and grandiose utterances, all of them with a very fluctuating temporal[] Severe recurrent temper outbursts manifested verbally and/or behaviorally that are out of proportion in intensity or duration to the situation or provocation.[] Recurrent behavioral outbursts stemming from failure to control aggressive impulses: 1.[]

  • Malignant Catatonia

    She is confused and intensely hyperactive, with periods of incoherent chatter alternating with hostile verbal outbursts.[]

  • Autistic Disorder

    This can take the form of immature behavior such as crying in class or inappropriate verbal outbursts.[]

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