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1,375 Possible Causes for Visual Field Defects

  • Posterior Cerebral Artery Occlusion with Infarction

    A blockage of the PCA should not result in a visual field defect one would refer to as homonymous due to the fact that it only causes a visual field defect in one eye. #6[] The most common finding is occipital lobe infarction leading to an opposite visual field defect.[] After superficial PCA infarcts, visual field defects and somatosensory deficits are the most frequent signs.[]

  • Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion

    METHODS: A 29-year-old man with a 1-week history of sudden visual field defect and decrease of central visual acuity was examined.[] field defect.[] Measurement of visual function / visual acuity Visual acuity of 20/400 or worse with correction along with signs of an afferent pupillary defect and visual field constriction[]

  • Posterior Cerebral Artery Occlusion

    A blockage of the PCA should not result in a visual field defect one would refer to as homonymous due to the fact that it only causes a visual field defect in one eye. #6[] Abstract A 42-year-old man had ischemic infarction from an occlusion of the left posterior cerebral artery (PCA), but had no visual field defect by examination or Goldmann[] Eight patients presented with visual field defects and variable additional symptoms. One patient suffered bithalamic infarction. Median time to treatment was 5.8 h.[]

  • Normal-Tension Glaucoma

    visual field defects in low-tension glaucoma.[] In addition it assesses whether any relationship exists in any one subject between the higher intraocular pressure and the more severe visual field defect.[] Abstract In a study comparing the visual field defects of patients with chronic simple and low-tension glaucoma differences in the nature of the defect were found between[]

  • Open-Angle Glaucoma

    field defects.[] Visual field examination revealed an arcuate visual field defect in the left eye, but no visual field defect in the right eye.[] Methods: This retrospective cross-sectional study included 10 NAION eyes and 16 OAG eyes, both demonstrating hemifield visual field defects, and 27 normal eyes serving as[]

  • Optic Neuropathy

    However, unpredictable visual field defects after PPV remain an unresolved issue.[] There was a dense right superior altitudinal visual field defect.[] visual field defects.[]

  • Acromegaly

    Visual fieldsdefects common and should be plotted.[] If the pituitary tumour enlarges, it can cause visual-field defects, blindness or paralysis of the eye muscles, and can injure the posterior pituitary gland or the hypothalamus[] Headaches and visual field defects are the most common symptoms. Visual field defects depend on which part of the optic nerve pathway is compressed.[]

  • Optic Nerve Infarction

    field defects accompanied by hypertension, hematuria, and headache.[] Why are altitudinal visual field defects common in ischemic optic neuropathies?[] Typically, the patient with exhibit a central visual field defect alone or in conjunction with other types of visual field defects in the affected eye or eyes.[]

  • Papilledema

    Read More visual-field defect In visual field defect …both eyes, a condition called papilledema. Read More[] Visual field defects were found in 3 persons with normal visual field at baseline.[] Acetazolamide has stabilized papilledema and visual field defects at 10weeks.[]

  • Glaucoma

    Optic nerve head pathology usually precedes the onset of visual field defects.[] Visual field defects: Visual field changes caused by lesions of the optic nerve include In contrast, deficits of the more proximal visual pathways (ie, from the lateral geniculate[] To determine the optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA) characteristics of a case of optic disc melanocytoma (ODM) associated with glaucomatous visual field and retinal[]

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