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107 Possible Causes for Vulvar Edema

  • Chronic Right-Sided Congestive Heart Failure

    HEART FAILURE means the heart is not pumping enough blood to keep the organs alive. Since its unable to pump the blood fast enough, the blood ON THE WAY TO THE HEART gets backed up in the veins. Reduced blood flow to the kidneys results in water retention. You end up with fluid in the lungs and edema on the[…][]

  • Angioedema

    - A dictionary of medical eponyms Related people Heinrich Irenaeus Quincke Henry Martyn Bannister John Laws Milton A syndrome involving the skin and subcutaneous submucosal tissues, occurring in a hereditary and a sporadic form. It presents with the sudden appearance of painless, circumscribed, nonpitting swellings[…][]

  • Ascites

    Ascites Other names Peritoneal cavity fluid, peritoneal fluid excess, hydroperitoneum, abdominal dropsy DONALI) O. CASTELL, LCDR (MC), USN a b Shear L, Ching S, Gabuzda GJ (1970). "Compartmentalization of ascites and edema in patients with hepatic cirrhosis". N. Engl. J. Med. 282 (25): 1391–6.[…][]

  • Dermatitis Medicamentosa

    Tara Jayne Hamilton MD Brooke G Judd MD Noreen M Leahy MS RN Bryan J Marsh MD Louise P Meyer MS ARNP AOCN Patrice K Nicholas DNSc MPH APRNBC Timothy J Phillips MD Francisco P Quismorio Jr MD MACP FACP Naomi Schlesinger MD Cathy J Sizer MS RN CPNP Susan R Tussey CRNP MSN CDR NC USN Christine Wilson PhD ARNP[…][]

  • Bartholin's Cyst

    […] mass with surrounding erythema and edema.[] Primary carcinoma of the Bartholin gland accounts for approximately 5% of vulvar carcinomas. [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] Patients typically have an exquisitely tender, fluctuant labial[]

  • Anasarca

    We describe a young woman with systemic lupus erythematosus with acute onset of severe idiopathic anasarca and the appearance of serum IgG kappa oligoclonal bands. We hypothesize that her anasarca was due to a defect in capillary permeability, perhaps related to the clonally restricted immunoglobulins detected in[…][]

  • Diabetic Vulvitis

    […] erythema and swelling, often with dysuria Worsening of pruritus at night (suggesting pinworm infection) Significant erythema and vulvar edema with discharge (suggesting streptococcal[] Vulvar inflammation with abscesses, draining sinuses, edema, and ulceration is common. In some patients, the lesions take on the appearance of knifelike fissures.[] […] and vaginal irritation, edema, pruritus Discharge that resembles cottage cheese and adheres to the vaginal wall Sometimes worsening of symptoms after intercourse and before[]

  • Hereditary Angioedema

    Summary Epidemiology Prevalence has been estimated at 1/100,000. Clinical description Onset may occur at any age but is most common during childhood or adolescence. Patients present with white, circumscribed nonpruritic edemas that remain for a period of 48 to 72 hours and recur with variable frequency. Edemas may[…][]

  • Candida Albicans Vaginitis

    Signs include vulvar edema, fissures, excoriations, and thick curdy vaginal discharge.[] […] erythema and edema Trichomoniasis Trichomonas vaginalis Symptoms malodo rous greenish discharge burning dyspareunia and dysuria postcoital bleeding Physical exam malodorous[] Severe VVC Severe vulvovaginitis (i.e., extensive vulvar erythema, edema, excoriation, and fissure formation) is associated with lower clinical response rates in patients[]

  • Vulvar Ulceration

    It causes thinning of the vulvar tissue with edema and fibrosis.[] (2%) and inguinal regions. [28] Vulvar Crohn disease is most often evident with vulval edema, less so with ulceration and fissures. [29] Proposed causes include an unrecognized[] Lesions Lichen sclerosus: Lichen sclerosus is a benign disorder of the vulvar epithelium that can affect women of any age group.[]

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