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91 Possible Causes for Vulvar Edema

  • Candida Albicans Vaginitis

    Signs include vulvar edema, fissures, excoriations, and thick curdy vaginal discharge.[] Severe VVC Severe vulvovaginitis (i.e., extensive vulvar erythema, edema, excoriation, and fissure formation) is associated with lower clinical response rates in patients[] Uncomplicated VVC Diagnostic Considerations A diagnosis of Candida vaginitis is suggested clinically by the presence of external dysuria and vulvar pruritus, pain, swelling[]

  • Diabetic Vulvitis

    […] erythema and swelling, often with dysuria Worsening of pruritus at night (suggesting pinworm infection) Significant erythema and vulvar edema with discharge (suggesting streptococcal[] Vulvar inflammation with abscesses, draining sinuses, edema, and ulceration is common. In some patients, the lesions take on the appearance of knifelike fissures.[] […] and vaginal irritation, edema, pruritus Discharge that resembles cottage cheese and adheres to the vaginal wall Sometimes worsening of symptoms after intercourse and before[]

  • Vulvar Ulceration

    It causes thinning of the vulvar tissue with edema and fibrosis.[] Ulcer base grayish yellow, obvious congestion and edema, can be self-healing but often recurrence. 3.[] (2%) and inguinal regions. [ 27 ] Vulvar Crohn disease is most often evident with vulval edema, less so with ulceration and fissures. [28] Proposed causes include an unrecognized[]

  • Bartholin's Cyst

    […] mass with surrounding erythema and edema.[] Primary carcinoma of the Bartholin gland accounts for approximately 5% of vulvar carcinomas. [1, 2 , 3, 4 , 5] Patients typically have an exquisitely tender, fluctuant labial[]

  • Gonococcal Vulvovaginitis

    In this retrospective review of 16 children with vulvovaginitis due to Neisseria gonorrhoeae, the authors attempt to estimate the incidence of this infection and to ascertain the routes of transmission. From January 1977 to December 1982, 422 cases of gonococcal vulvovaginitis in women of all age groups were[…][]

  • Inferior Vena Cava Syndrome

    Clinical outcome was assessed from patients' records using a score based on leg swelling, scrotal/vulvar edema, ascites and anasarca before and after stent placement, as well[]

  • Pineoblastoma

    Complete remission (CR) with this treatment was achieved until April 2000, when she reported hypogastric colic pain of three days duration and vulvar edema.[]

  • Metronidazole

    Cutaneous examination showed asymmetrical vulvar edema of the labia minora and labia majora with deep and linear ulcerations having verrucous borders located on the inguinocrural[]

  • Preterm Labor

    With no further treatment, the vulvar edema gradually resolved during the next week.[] Bilateral vulvar edema that is not associated with preeclampsia has been reported only rarely during pregnancy or the puerperium.[] By the ninth hospital day, the edema and discomfort had progressed, thereby precluding vaginal examination without sedation.[]

  • Chronic Right-Sided Congestive Heart Failure

    Left-sided heart failure The heart's pumping action moves oxygen-rich blood as it travels from the lungs to the left atrium, then on to the left ventricle, which pumps it to the rest of the body. The left ventricle supplies most of the heart's pumping power, so it's larger than the other chambers and essential for[…][]

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