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1,361 Possible Causes for Weak Pulse

  • Insect Bite

    Call 911 if your child has any of the following symptoms after getting an insect bite: Wheezing or trouble breathing Coughing Pale skin Weak pulse Vomiting , nausea, diarrhea[] […] or dizziness Fast, weak pulse Types of insects and spiders that bite Many common insects bite without provocation — or because they're hungry — including mosquitoes, fleas[] […] breathing or shortness of breath Facial or mouth swelling Abdominal pain or nausea Difficulty swallowing Pale, moist skin that may appear blue Hives Confusion or disorientation Weakness[]

  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    They found that a low systolic blood pressure and a persistent weak pulse after IV fluid administration were associated with death in 11/20 (55%) patients.[] pulse were associated with early death, the majority within 48hr of admission.[] pulse volume, deep acidotic breathing, creatinine 80μmol/L, or depressed conscious state.[]

  • Pharyngitis

    Hypotension or other signs of poor perfusion (weak pulses, delayed capillary refill, mottling of skin) are not expected and suggest the emergent need for resuscitation and[]

  • Tanacetum Vulgare

    pulse, stomach pain, convulsions Edibility: Edible Parts: young leaves and flowers.[] Grow from seed or division Family: Asteraceae Origin: North Temperate Distribution: Mountains Poison Part: Leaves, flowers Poison Delivery Mode: Ingestion Symptoms: Rapid, weak[]

  • Conium Maculatum Poisoning

    , nervousness, trembling, dilation of pupils, weak pulse, convulsions, coma Toxic Principle: Alkaloids coniine and others Severity: HIGHLY TOXIC, MAY BE FATAL IF EATEN![] Symptoms of toxicity include: nervous trembling, salivation, pupil dilation, rapid, weak pulse, and eventually leading to coma or death.[] .; "cup of hemlock" once used by early Greeks for capital punishment Poison Delivery Mode: Ingestion Symptoms: Salivation, vomiting, diarrhea, muscular weakness, paralysis[]

  • Cardiogenic Shock

    The signs and symptoms of cardiogenic shock include rapid and weak pulse, rapid breathing, anxiety, large neck (jugular) veins, cool skin, weakness and fatigue, decreased[] Symptoms Cardiogenic shock signs and symptoms include: Rapid breathing Severe shortness of breath Sudden, rapid heartbeat (tachycardia) Loss of consciousness Weak pulse Low[] D: A very weak pulse shows that the heart is slowly ceasing to function as a result of pumping too hard.[]

  • Cardiac Tamponade

    Cold, clammy skin and a weak pulse due to hypotension are also observed in patients with tamponade.[] These are low blood pressure or weak pulse, extended neck veins, and a rapid heartbeat combined with a muffled heart sound.[] They include: low blood pressure and weak pulse because the volume of blood your heart is pumping is reduced extended neck veins because they’re having a hard time returning[]

  • Hypovolemic Shock

    Weak pulse or absent pulses (they are more significant than weak pulses). Skin: pale, moist and cool. Tachycardia Hypotension Tachycardia, very weak pulse.[] Symptoms of shock include Confusion or lack of alertness Loss of consciousness Sudden and ongoing rapid heartbeat Sweating Pale skin A weak pulse Rapid breathing Decreased[] Symptoms include: Anxiety Low or no urine output Profuse sweating Dizziness Confusion Loss of consciousness Chest pain Tachycardia with weak pulse Hypotension Decreased urine[]

  • Exposure to Ammonia

    […] symptoms: Fever Eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and throat: Tearing and burning of eyes Temporary blindness Throat pain (severe) Mouth pain Lip swelling Heart and blood: Rapid, weak[] pulse Collapse and shock Nervous system: Confusion Difficulty walking Dizziness Lack of coordination Restlessness Stupor (altered level of consciousness) Skin: Bluish-colored[]

  • Aortic Valve Stenosis

    […] exam (see cardiovascular examination ) Delayed and weak pulse ( Pulsus parvus et tardus ) Palpable systolic thrill over the bifurcation of the carotids and the aorta Harsh[] Check your pulse. A weak pulse may mean that there is narrowing of the heart valve. Listen to your heart and lungs for abnormal sounds.[] Symptoms typically present on exertion , unless AS is severe Dyspnea Angina pectoris Dizziness and syncope Small blood pressure amplitude , decreased pulse pressure Cardiac[]

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