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39 Possible Causes for Weight Loss due to Dysphagia

  • Oculopharyngodistal Myopathy

    PLoS One. 2015 Jun 3;10(6):e0128629. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0128629. eCollection 2015. Zhao J 1 , Liu J 1 , Xiao J 2 , Du J 2 , Que C 3 , Shi X 1 , Liang W 1 , Sun W 1 , Zhang W 1 , Lv H 1 , Yuan Y 1 , Wang Z 1 . Author information 1 Department of Neurology, Peking University First Hospital, Beijing, China. 2 Department of[…][]

  • Esophagitis

    Achalasia Chronic liquid and solid food dysphagia. Can be associated with weight loss, heartburn, regurgitation (especially with lying flat), and aspiration pneumonias.[] Eosinophilia is thought to be due to a reactive process from stasis of esophageal contents.[]

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    Patients with alarm features (such as weight loss, dysphagia, vomiting, bleeding), familiarity for gastrointestinal neoplasia and inflammatory bowel disease were excluded[] […] hundred and thirty-five consecutive patients attending our hospital for the first time between January 2002 and December 2003 on two days of the week (Monday and Wednesday) due[]

  • Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction

    Nutrition supplementation is required for many patients with CIP due to symptoms of dysphagia, nausea, vomiting, and weight loss.[]

  • Peptic Esophagitis

    Patients may present with heartburn, dysphagia, odynophagia, food impaction, weight loss, and chest pain.[] Stricture of the gastroesophageal Junction due to long standing heartbur.[]

  • Paraneoplastic Syndrome

    Patients with chronic gastrointestinal pseudo-obstruction present with weight loss, persistent constipation and abdominal obstruction.[] Some patients present with dysphagia, nausea, vomiting due to esophageal dysmotility or gastroparesis. Radiologic studies show small bowel, colonic or gastric dilation.[] […] hypotension, abnormal papillary responses, urinary retention, gastrointestinal paresis, hyperhydrosis, impotence, cardiac arrhythmias and chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction due[]

  • Lower Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage

    Dyspepsia Heartburn or epigastric pain Abdominal pain Dysphagia – difficulty in swallowing Jaundice if bleeding is related to liver diseases Weight loss Syncope and/or Presyncope[] Pallor Hematochezia – fresh blood in stools may be due to hemorrhoids or anal fissure Bloody diarrhea is typical of Colitis, the inflammation of the colon Febrile episodes[]

  • Lower Esophageal Ring

    Presentation History Presenting features include heartburn, dysphagia, impaction of food, weight loss, and chest pain.[] Less common presentations are persistent cough and wheeze due to aspiration of food or acid.[] In addition to webs, rings and strictures there are abnormalities of peristalsis, such as achalasia of the cardia, that may cause dysphagia.[]

  • Pharyngeal Disease

    Dysphagia Where is the obstruction? True dysphagia or sensation of lump. Weight loss usually accompanied with carcinomas due to swallowing difficulties.[]

  • Globus Hystericus

    loss, dysphagia, throat pain, and lateralization of pathology[ 5 , 45 ].[] Hypertrophy of the tongue base Globus can be induced by severe hypertrophy of the tongue base, probably due to the follicles touching the posterior wall of the pharynx.[] […] presence of pharyngolaryngeal or upper esophageal malignancy must be excluded in patients with globus sensation, particularly in cases with “high risk” symptoms, such as weight[]

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