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833 Possible Causes for Wide Nasal Bridge

  • Trigonocephaly

    nasal bridge beaked nose Cardiovascular Heart: ventricular septal defect Head And Neck Head: trigonocephaly small anterior fontanelle premature posterior fontanelle closure[] […] flat nasal bridge; anteverted nostrils; long upper lip; short neck; muscle hypertonia and predominance of whorls on the fingers. 1, record 1, English, - trigonocephaly Record[] […] clinodactyly Skeletal Skull: craniosynostosis (metopic, sagittal, lambdoid) Neurologic Central Nervous System: seizures developmental delay mental retardation Head And Neck Nose: wide[]

  • Kleiner Holmes Syndrome

    Affiliated tissues include bone , and related phenotypes are micrognathia and wide nasal bridge[]

  • Autosomal Recessive Spastic Paraplegia 52

    Wide nasal bridge MedGen UID: 341441 • Concept ID: C1849367 • Finding Increased breadth of the nasal bridge (and with it, the nasal root).[]

  • Microphthalmia with Linear Skin Defects Syndrome

    nasal bridge ; Wide nose Associated Genes NDUFB11 (Withdrawn symbols: ESSS, NP17.3, Np15 ) , HCCS (Withdrawn symbols: CCHL, MLS ) , COX7B Mouse Orthologs Ndufb11 (Withdrawn[] nasal bridge Hammertoe Sensorimotor neuropathy Split hand Juvenile onset Distal amyotrophy Abnormality of the foot Distal sensory impairment Lower limb muscle weakness Limb[] ; Sclerocornea ; Severe short stature ; Specific learning disability ; Status epilepticus ; Tricuspid regurgitation ; Tricuspid valve prolapse ; Visual loss ; Vitritis ; Wide[]

  • Congenital Optic Disc Coloboma

    Typically, individuals with these findings also have a wide head, depressed nasal bridge, and mid upper lip defect or cleft.[] It does not appear to be a specific genetic disorder. [1] [2] [3] Typically, individuals with non-ocular findings also have a wide head, depressed nasal bridge, and mid upper[] On examination she has a slightly wide nasal bridge. Her visual acuity is 20/20 in the right eye and 20/800 in the left eye with LEA symbols.[]

  • Familial Median Cleft of the Upper and Lower Lips

    , cleft palate, malformed ears TF Paired box homeotic gene-3 PAX3 2q35 193500 Waardenburg syndrome, type I 193500 AD wide nasal bridge, short philtrum, cleft lip or palate[] nasal bridge, short philtrum, cleft lip or palate, deafness Pallister-Hall syndrome 146510 AD short nose, flat nasal bridge, multiple buccal frenula, microglossia, micrognathia[] nasal bridge, upturned nasal tip, large mouth, thickened lips, central cleft of lower lip, midline groove of tongue and inferior alveolar ridge, enlarged tongue, short neck[]

  • Jung-Wolff-Back-Stahl Syndrome

    Symptoms related to Jung Wolff Back Stahl syndrome include: Aplasia Depressed nasal bridge Dry skin Low posterior hairline Muscular hypotonia Round face Wide nasal bridge[]

  • Familial Supernumerary Nipples

    The facial features are described as “coarse” and may include hypertelorism, downslanting palpebral fissures, epicanthal folds, macrostomia, macroglossia, a wide nasal bridge[]

  • Spastic Paraplegia-Epilepsy-Intellectual Disability Syndrome

    nasal bridge bulbous nose wide mouth protruding tongue short filtrum (the groove between the bottom of the nose and top of the lips) narrow forehead joint abnormalities,[] […] loss of the ability to walk independently dystonia (involuntary muscle contractions) seizures Some children may also have facial differences that can include: high palate wide[]

  • Severe X-Linked Intellectual Disability Type Gustavson

    nasal bridge Respiratory insufficiency Abnormality of movement Macrocephaly Intellectual disability, moderate Joint dislocation Pica Myokymia Feeding difficulties Limited[] nasal bridge and Thick lower lip vermilion, related diseases and genetic alterations Visual impairment and Primary amenorrhea, related diseases and genetic alterations Cognitive[] […] how to achieve it with Mendelian Learn more Other signs and symptoms that you may find interesting Fever and Insulin resistance, related diseases and genetic alterations Wide[]

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