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179 Possible Causes for wreathed

  • Teucrium

    Its garlic-like aroma makes it useful in herb wreaths to freshen a room. Medicinally, an infusion is helpful in the treatment of gout.[]

  • Solanum Dulcamara

    Unlike other nightshades, which had sinister associations, woody nightshade was wreathed around the necks of sheep and cattle to protect them from bewitchment.[] Cultural Educating the public on how not to spread its seeds, especially when used for making ornamental wreaths.[]

  • Dissociative Identity Disorder

    The sequential steps of the Wreathing Protocol will be described and illustrated by a clinical vignette on DID.[] The wreathing protocol: The imbrication of hypnosis and EMDR in the treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorder and other dissociative responses.[] The clinical implications of the use of the Wreathing Protocol will be discussed in DID as well as the chronic post traumatic spectrum.[]

  • Prunus Laurocerasus

    […] foliage and appearance to bay laurel ( Laurus nobilis , the true laurel, in the Lauraceae family), and like the bay laurel, Prunus laurocerasus was used for making laurel wreaths[]

  • Anencephaly

    I made a wreath out of mine which hangs over my bed. Take good care of yourself nutritionally and physical[]

  • Necrobiotic Xanthogranuloma

    The histologic features of well-developed lesions are suggestive of the disorder and consist of diffuse dermal aggregates of foam cells with interspersed Touton-type wreath[] […] multinucleate giant cells with the latter often assuming irregular silhouettes and containing increased numbers of atypical nuclei as well as epithelioid granulomas, Touton-type wreath-like[]

  • Extraskeletal Myxoid Chondrosarcoma

    Three cases were composed of eosinophilic spindled cells with variable fascicular to corded or wreath-like growth patterns.[]

  • Acquired Ichthyosis

    […] mononuclear cells having oval, embryo-shaped, reniform, and lobulated nuclei, binucleated Reed-Sternberg-like cells, and multinucleated cells, with giant anaplastic and wreath-shaped[]

  • Parapsoriasis

    […] by an infiltrate composed of small neoplastic T-lymphocytes joined by granulomatous inflammation with scattered multinucleated giant cells containing nuclei arranged in a wreath-like[]

  • Primary Biliary Cirrhosis

    Garland originally "wreath of flowers" (in French). [5] Notes: PAS stain useful for examining basement membrane... which is lost in PBC.[] (WC) www: Garland - wreath of flowers ( . Primary biliary cirrhosis. Inflamed triads [arrows] amid undisturbed hepatocytes (Row 1 Left 40X).[]

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