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So I have had an issue with a “reactive lymph node” I got surgery to remove it. It is located on my right side behind my ear right where my mastoid is. Ever since iv had the surgery nothing has changed if anything it’s gotten worse I have trouble swolling I have brain fog and I get really dizzy sometimes. I also still have the pain and a bump that changes in size. I swear sometimes I can hear almost squeezing like air is stuck in there. Also, I have a lot of ringing in that ear. Iv presented my symptoms to the doctor who performed my surgery and he told me I’m making things up and to give my body time to heal from the surgery-at least 6 months. I just feel that I am getting worse and not sure if this is just part of the process and I should leave it alone.

by User28993

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Your symptoms can have many different causes and could be not related to the surgery you had. Please see a specialist.

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