Bullous Lichen Planus

I had this exact same thing for longer than 15 years. Sometimes it would flair up and be on my wrists and ankles as well as both shins. It was itchy. I went to numerous Dermatologists, they all said something different, it's eczema, psoriasis. The last diagnosis was lichen planus after a biopsy. All the dermo's all gave me steroid shots in the red angry spot on my shins and steroids and lamp treatments and steroid creams.

I went on the whole 30 diet. The only thing I was eating was meat and eggs and vegetables. No grains , dairy, beans, soy, sugar or unnatural foods that I did not cook myself. My shins itched like crazy. My friend i was doing it with said some times things get worse before they get better.
I quit eating eggs. It was the only thing I was really eating. Lot's of eggs. It immediately stopped itching. It took about 3 weeks to diminish. Then it was GONE. No more red oozy sore legs. I can wear dresses and shorts without embarrassment.
Occasionally i will eat an egg just to check. I get odd red spots, like a nerve ending is popping through my skin. They are not just on my legs but my arms or other places. That is with 1 egg. It takes a day to show up. I have no problem not eating eggs and I don't try to test it.
How come no dr ever did an allergy test on me. I would really like to know which amino acid in the egg is causing this. I think it's the egg white as I can eat chocolate mousse which has yolks without issue.
when I was eating eggs , i only ate free range organic eggs so it wasn't because they were chemical eggs.

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