Epigastric Hernia or Muscle Strain

I am presenting with epigastric hernia symptoms and I visibly have a small painful bulge over epigastric area and very painful to bend, sit up etc. However my ultrasound and cat scan are negative. Is it still positive to have an epigastric hernia and it was missed in thr imaging? I have seen an MD and physiotherapist both can see the lump and visible pain I’m in but are unsure if it’s an epigastric hernia or abdominal muscle strain. I dont think it’s an abdominal muscle strain due to the bulge. Can you get an bulge over the linea alba centrally and a little over the rectus abdominus from a muscle strain or not? I did not have an sudden movement. I think I have a little diastasis rectus and weak abdominal muscle and extra pressure on abdomen recently. I have had symptoms for 2.5 months now despite daily rest and avoiding activities. Who should I see for an accurate diagnosis? There are no hernia surgeon specialists in my area. What type of surgeon could diagnose? Thank you so much!

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The hernia can be diagnosed by either CT or ultrasound scan, but these can be falsely negative, and unequivocal radiological diagnosis prior to surgery is rare.1

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