Diaphragmatic Eventration

Could diaphragmatic eventration in a 60 year old woman be cause by her having a mini-thoracotomy surgical incision ten years earlier?

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Eventration of the diaphragm is a congenital anomaly - it is present from birth. What symptoms are present? How was it diagnosed?

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It was found by a chest x-ray that was intended to confirm or deny the diagnosis of another condition. Given that eventration in an adult can also be the result of damage to the phrenic nerve, is it possible that damage took place when the patient had mitral valve repair surgery with a mini-thoracotomy incision in '09? Eventration is on the right, with apparent liver protusion into the chest cavity, none of which is visible in images made around the time of the heart surgery. Also, do the patient's hypermobile joints and stretchy, velvety skin of probable Ehlers-Danlos bear any significance with the apparent diagnosis of eventration? Symptoms include episodes of extreme fatigue, chronic cough (worse when first waking), asthmatic symptoms, shortness of breath, anxiety episodes, cardiac arrhythmias. During a heart echo that took place 3-4 months ago, the technician commented that there seemed to be "a cloud" which blocked the view of the heart, but which improved when the patient held her breath.

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