Cluster Headache

What if Cluster Attacks are occurring as a direct response to external forces.
For example changes in Radiation levels emanating from the sun.

Male, 50 years of age
Headaches have returned after 15 year rest period

by User62536

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Stress, allergens or seasonal changes may trigger attacks.

by Guest

Thank you for this Answer.

I was discussing this topic with my GP yesterday and told her I am conducting my own research into this somewhat Taboo subject.
Is it possible that those of us who suffer with this disorder share a common or universal denominator?.

What do think.

by User62536

The exact cause of CH is unknown. What do you mean with common or universal denominator?

by Guest

When carrying out any type of investigative research that involves people having similar or the same experiences you will often be able to find one or more triggers which could be biological, emotional, psychological or perhaps a external force.

Maybe it does not apply here, but I am certain it does.

Just a thought.

by User62536


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