Transverse Process Fracture

Hi I have a transverse process fracture on one of my wing things on my l3. And I went to the hospital. I forgot to ask how long the pain and numbness would be in my leg. Also is it ok to still feel pain back there after 4 weeks like an aching pain where it happen? It’s not all the time. My leg isn’t all the time either besides it being numb. What should I do. I can’t visit a family doc. The doc said I should wait like 10 days and idk if he meant to see if it was better or getting better. Or just to see if it got worse cus I don’t think this feeling will go away in 10 days. Over all he said it looked like it was healing nicely. So should I feel the numbness and pain for more then 2 weeks?

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A transverse process fracture may take up to 2 months to heal and for its symptoms to subside. But symptoms may also depend on the extent of the fracture, other injuries, and so on. So if you are not sure, see another GP or a specialist.

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