Muscular Dystrophy. Climbing stairs

Female 70 years old
For bout 6 years I have been having difficulty climbing stairs. About 6-7 months ago my toes would feel like they are swollen but aren’t. The past 3 weeks my heals hurt,. When I walk I feel like I’m walking on broken glass.
I have an EMG and another test on my legs. No clots. Did bout 15 times of PT, with no improvement.
I have been to sooo many Dr and no one can help me. Even an orthopedic Dr saw me twice and discharge me.
My PD told me to live with it. VERY NICE DR.
I thought maybe I may have neuropathy....but not sure. I suffered with lots of migraines. Would be in bed 3-4 days out of the week, every week. I think maybe getting,y thyroid optimal has helped for migraines. At the time I thought I had MS. I still don’t ruled that out.
Please can someone guide me. I am a cancer survivor also. Oh I have many health issues but this climbing stairs is really getting to me and feeling of swollen toes. Why? There has to be a reason.
Thank you for taking the time to read my problem .

by User64970

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Hello, did you already see a neurologist?

by Guest


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