Filariasis-What causes the chills without fever?

Does a person with widespread filariasis suffer from chills due to a lack of circulation? I do not have fever, dysentery, have not lost weight, have been treating this problem from a mosquito bite with MSM, extra dosages, IP supplements, and have requested the prescription medicines? The mosquito bite occurred in 2008 in MO. I also suffer from migraine without aura. I have been squashing the elevated long roundworm lines in my body and have tasted a dog-like taste. My Gordon Setter had been ill, had chills, no fever, then died in 2001. I sometimes have indigestion too. I have requested a blood smear at night, muscular biopsy, and ultra-sound, as the worms are within my abdomen and hook-on regularly. Unfortunately, a worm count test has been too low to convince my internist that I need prescription medicine. What prescribed drugs should be used?

by User68464

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