Mesenteric Cyst reoccurance- upcoming surgery

I am a 46 year old African American woman. This is my second round of dealing with a mesenteric cyst. This time it's measuring 9cm. The fist time the surgeon only aspirated it. I understand the entire sack must be removed to lesson the chances of it returning. I'm concerned because I not only have pain and discomfort on the upper left side but also in my lower left side. Could this be related to the cyst? I don't think the surgeon is really listening to me when I explain to him about the pain in both areas. My GI doctor feels it's pretty serious but the surgeon is very nonchalant about it which is concerning. The pain is very uncomfortable and last all day and not. Also I swell most of the days which makes the pain more unbearable. Just need some answers I feel lost.

by User71440

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Did you feel pain in both regions when the cyst presented for the first time? Where is it located?

by Guest


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