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  • Back to Journals » Infection and Drug Resistance » Volume 11 Review Video presented by Eze C Emmanuel and Mohamed E El Zowalaty.[dovepress.com]
  • Also, evidence has been presented indicating that nosocomial infection with Acinetobacter has a distinct seasonal variation.[catalog.hardydiagnostics.com]
  • . — The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy , 18th edition , 2006 2 : a bacterium of the genus Acinetobacter Although acinetobacters are frequently isolated from several areas of the human body, there is some uncertainty as to whether they are present[merriam-webster.com]
  • The present, past and forecast overview of Acinetobacter Infections Treatment market is represented in this report.[sierraleoneview.net]
  • Furthermore, MOG peptides were found to inhibit antibodies against the mimicking sequences present in Acinetobacter , but no inhibition was observed when human papillomavirus peptides were used as controls.[jamanetwork.com]
  • A wound infection might cause fever and redness, increasing pain, and pus around the wound.[vdh.virginia.gov]
  • […] vomiting), muscle and chest pains, breathing problems, and cough (with or without yellow, green, or bloody mucus). [21] In some cases, A. baumannii may present no infection or symptoms, as with colonizing an open wound or tracheostomy site.[en.wikipedia.org]
  • The Turkish Journal of Pediatrics . 53 (4): 445–7. PMID 21980849 . Hong, KB; Oh, HS; Song, JS; Lim, JH; Kang, DK; Son, IS; Park, JD; Kim, EC; Lee, HJ; Choi, EH (July 2012).[en.wikipedia.org]
  • Fractured fluid was further centrifuged at 10,000 g for 30 min at 4 C to get supernatant fraction as enzyme liquid.[frontiersin.org]
  • Cellulose fibers obtained from the wood pulp undergo mechanical agitation and enzymatic hydrolysis for getting converted into the nano form. Bacterial nanocellulose is biosynthesized in its pure form, mostly by the Acetobacter xylinum.[newdailyherald.com]
  • In brief, LB liquid cultures were grown at 37  C under agitation until early exponential stage of donor cells and late exponential stage of recipient cells. Both cultures were mixed (1:1) into 1.5 tubes and centrifuged at 640 g for 8 min.[nature.com]
  • .): The characterization of an acetic acid bacterium useful for producing bacterial cellulose in agitation cultures: the proposal of Acetobacter xylinum subsp. sucrofermentans subsp. nov. J. Gen. Appl. Microbiol. , 1995, 41 , 307-314.[bacterio.net]


  • Infections Treatment Revenue (2013-2023) 2 Global Acinetobacter Infections Treatment Market Competition by Manufacturers : Global Acinetobacter Infections Treatment Production Market Share by Manufacturers (2013-2018) Acinetobacter Infections Treatment[augustaobserver.com]
  • Infections Treatment market • To understand the future market competition in the Acinetobacter Infections Treatment market.[sierraleoneview.net]
  • Treatment of Acinetobacter infection Acinetobacter is often resistant to many commonly prescribed antibiotics. Decisions on treatment of infections with Acinetobacter should be made on a case-by-case basis by a healthcare provider.[cdc.gov]
  • Keywords: Acinetobacter baumannii , biofilm, physicochemical, antibiotics, resistance, in vivo model, virulence, treatment This work is published and licensed by Dove Medical Press Limited.[dovepress.com]


  • Prognosis The prognosis of Acinetobacter infection depends on the underlying health of the host and the extent of organ involvement; it is the same as for other aerobic gram-negative bacillary infections.[emedicine.medscape.com]
  • Nosocomial acquisition of multiresistant Acinetobacter baumannii: risk factors and prognosis. Clin Infect Dis. 1995; 20 :790–6. [ PubMed ] [ Google Scholar ] 32. Gaynes R, Edwards JR.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • Bacteremic pneumonia carries a particular poor prognosis ( 170 ).[antimicrobe.org]


  • The etiology of MS is controversial, but immune responses are considered to somehow be involved.[jamanetwork.com]
  • Augmented renal clearance in critically ill patients: etiology, definition and implications for beta-lactam dose optimization. Curr Opin Pharmacol 2015; 24: 1-6. [ PUBMED ] 20.[apjtb.org]


  • Epidemiologic characteristics. Am J Med . 1978 Sep. 65(3):507-13. [Medline] . Castanheira M, Mendes RE, Jones RN.[emedicine.medscape.com]
  • Epidemiology The risk factors for A. baumannii infection are described in the Table 2 .[scielo.br]
  • Using these methods the molecular epidemiology of A. baumannii and of other Acinetobacter species was studied and major insight was gained into the hospital epidemiology of these organisms, their mode of spread, the role of hospital personnel in their[caister.com]
  • […] blood stream infection) wound infections urinary tract infections Diagnosis Antimicrobial resistance and healthcare associated infections (AMRHAI) reference unit Management Working party guidance on the control of multi-resistant Acinetobacter outbreaks Epidemiology[gov.uk]
  • The major topics addressed during the current conference include population genetics and evolution, pathogenicity mechanisms, antibiotic resistance, genetics and regulation of infection, metabolism and regulation, adaptation and persistence, epidemiology[acinetobacter2019.com]
Sex distribution
Age distribution


  • Pathophysiology When Acinetobacter causes actual infection, the pathological changes that occur depend on the organ system involved.[emedicine.medscape.com]
  • Clinical and Pathophysiological Overview of Acinetobacter Infections: a Century of Challenges. Clinical microbiology reviews. 2017;30(1):409–47. pmid:27974412. View Article PubMed/NCBI Google Scholar 8.[journals.plos.org]


  • Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at . August 2018[vdh.virginia.gov]
  • Good hand hygiene is a key way to prevent the spread of any infection.[cuh.nhs.uk]
  • Blossom, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1600 Clifton Rd MS-A35, Atlanta, GA 30333. E-mail: dblossom@cdc.gov .[journals.lww.com]
  • Infection Prevention and Control Infection prevention and control should focus on 3 major goals: preventing the development of endemic strains, early detection of multidrug-resistant A. baumannii infection and colonization, and preventing cross-transmission[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • Prevention of Acinetobacter infection Acinetobacter can live on the skin and may survive in the environment for several days.[cdc.gov]

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