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Genus Acidaminococcus (organism)


  • The complete genome of a clinical A. intestini strain is here presented.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • Disclaimer: This information is presented as is. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information, please check current reference material prior to growth or handling of microorganisms.[thelabrat.com]
  • To verify that aci1 was not present in ampicillin-susceptible A. fermentans strains, we developed the Southern blot hybridization shown in Fig. 2 .[aac.asm.org]
  • Nonmotile; flagella are not present. The cellwall contains meso-diaminopimelic acid; whole cells contain galactose, glucose, and ribose. Menaquinones and ubiquinones are absent. Anaerobic; no growth on the surface of agar media incubated in the air.[datapunk.net]
  • High impact information on Acidaminococcus Here we present the crystal structure of the decarboxylase subunit (Gcdalpha) from Acidaminococcus fermentans and its complex with glutaconyl-CoA [5].[wikigenes.org]
  • Nodes: Network nodes represent proteins splice isoforms or post-translational modifications are collapsed, i.e. each node represents all the proteins produced by a single, protein-coding gene locus.[string-db.org]
  • Raphael Dolin, MD, Maxwell Finland Professor of Medicine (Microbiology & Molecular Genetics), Harvard Medical School; Attending Physician, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts Martin J.[books.google.de]
Mild Cognitive Impairment
  • cognitive impairment ) パーキンソン病 ( Parkinson disease ) 表現型 ( phenotype ) 神経変性疾患 ( neurodegenerative disease ) 哺乳類 ( mammal ) 解離性障害 ( dissociative disorder ) ヒト免疫不全ウイルス1型 ( HIV-1 ) 変異 ( mutation ) 治療 ( therapeutics ) 腫瘍 ( tumor ) ウィスコット・アルドリッチ症候群 ( Wiskott-Aldrich[lsd.bioscinet.org]


  • Before admission, the patient was initially treated with a full course of amoxicillin and then, when the patient did not improve, a new treatment with ciprofloxacin was started, but signs and symptoms of infection continued.[aac.asm.org]
  • WikiPedia 酸感受性イオンチャネル, 酸感受性チャネル, プロトン感受性チャネル 【類義語】 ASIC, ASIC channel acid-sensing ion channel blocker シソーラス PubMed, Scholar, Google, WikiPedia 酸感受性イオンチャネル阻害薬, 酸感受性イオンチャネル遮断薬 【類義語】 ASIC blocker acid soil * PubMed, Scholar, Google, WikiPedia 酸性土壌 acid treatment[lsd-project.jp]
  • Linezolid in the treatment of brain abscess due to Peptostreptococcus . Scand J Infect Dis 38 : 203 – 205 . 104. Martin WJ ,, Gardner M ,, Washington JA II . 1972 .[asmscience.org]


  • Finegoldia magna (formerly Peptostreptococcus magnus ): an overlooked etiology for toxic shock syndrome ? Med Hypotheses 79 : 138 – 140 . 37. Dowd SE ,, Wolcott RD ,, Sun Y ,, McKeehan T ,, Smith E ,, Rhoads D . 2008 .[asmscience.org]


  • Larger epidemiological and experimental investigations are needed to confirm these findings and the mechanisms involved.[microbiomejournal.biomedcentral.com]
  • Anthropometric,epidemiological, and relative abundance data were pro-vided for median 17 (IQR 13, 22) follow-up visits perchild.[open.library.ubc.ca]
  • Anaerobic infections (general): epidemiology of anaerobic infections . J Infect Chemother 17 ( Suppl 1 ): 4 – 12 . 26. Marina M ,, Strong CA ,, Civen R ,, Molitoris E ,, Finegold SM . 1993 .[asmscience.org]
Sex distribution
Age distribution


  • However, the pathophysiology of stunting is not well understood, and currently available interventions, which focus mostly on dietary supplementation and prevention of diarrhea, have only a modest impact [ 17 ].[microbiomejournal.biomedcentral.com]


  • However, thepathophysiology of stunting is not well understood, andcurrently available interventions, which focus mostly ondietary supplementation and prevention of diarrhea, haveonly a modest impact [17].[open.library.ubc.ca]
  • For detailed information: BacDive - The Bacterial Diversity Metadatabase Literature: 1300 , 3245 , 5143 , 5145 Risk group: 2 (classification according to German TRBA ) Restrictions: Act dealing with the prevention & control of infectious diseases in man[dsmz.de]
  • However, the pathophysiology of stunting is not well understood, and currently available interventions, which focus mostly on dietary supplementation and prevention of diarrhea, have only a modest impact [ 17 ].[microbiomejournal.biomedcentral.com]

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