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Congenital Aural Atresia

Congenital Aural Atresia with Hyposmia


  • The fissula ante-fenestram and the fossula post-fenestram are both present.[national-tb-database.meei.harvard.edu]
  • Eight children were submitted to cochlear implantation presenting an acoustic meatus of 1-2mm diameter.[arquivosdeorl.org.br]
  • Among those with hearing loss, 50% presented with mixed, 30% with conductive, and 20% with sensorineural presentations. It was also estimated that 2% of children with profound deafness have BOR. 2. Lop-ear deformity. 3. Preauricular pits. 4.[medicine.uiowa.edu]
  • Patients present with external ear deformities and a conductive hearing loss. Inner ear anomalies are often isolated. Patients present with a sensorineural hearing loss.[spinwarp.ucsd.edu]
  • Nevertheless, all affected individuals hadpartially fused carpal bones, and fusion of some cervicalvertebrae not present in our family.[docslide.com.br]
  • […] of airborne diseases in hospitals through coughing, Mr Eric Wu from The University of Queensland for his work in developing a Smart heart assist device, Miss Nadia Campagnolo from Griffith University who will look at the association between diet and inflammation[medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com]
  • […] locally invasive Differential diagnosis - High & exposed jugular bulb - Aberrant carotid artery - Schwannoma - Primary & metastatic bone tumors - Other middle ear tumors, cholesteatoma, squamous cell carcinoma Diseases of the Inner Ear Labyrinthitis Inflammation[spinwarp.ucsd.edu]
  • Criteria for cochlear implantation are: Well pneumatized mastoid No signs of middle ear inflammation No calcification of the cochlea MRI can demonstrate fibrous obliteration of the cochlea, something which is not appreciated on CT.[radiologyassistant.nl]
  • […] hypoplasia; cleft palate; dysplastic external ears; unilateral preauricular tags; unilateral auditory canal atresia/stenosis; mixed hearing loss;hypermetropic astigmatism; moderate delayed psycho/motor develoment; oesophageal atresia; laryngeal diastema and asymptomatic[databases.lovd.nl]
  • […] cartilaginous–bony junction occurs in 31%, with the remaining first BCCs having a simply cystic appearance. 39 A first BBC usually presents while the patient is a child, one third of patients presenting acutely due to infection and two thirds presenting with asymptomatic[radiologykey.com]
  • Eugene Hoyme, MD Sanford School of Medicine University of South Dakota Sioux Falls, SD Louanne Hudgins, M.D. Division of Medical Genetics/Dept. Pediatrics Stanford University Stanford, California Alasdair G. W. Hunter, M.D.[acco.be]
  • […] significance is a classification in congenital aural atresia developed in 1955 by Altmann. 51 In this system, atresias are categorized into three groups, as follows: Altmann’s classification system is purely descriptive, and most surgical candidates fall[entokey.com]
Down Syndrome
  • Ear length: a potential sonographic marker for Down syndrome.[sonoworld.com]
  • Hair cells are present in the saccular macula. The utricle is hypoplastic and its macula has not developed. The cupula of the superior semicircular canal is dysplastic: it is represented by a basophilic-staining structure that is encapsulated.[national-tb-database.meei.harvard.edu]
Crumpled Ear Helices
  • ear helices HP:0009901 - 6.7.2 Notched ear helix Notching of the ear helix HP:0009903 - 6.7.3 Over-folded ear helix, lop ear Xxx XXX This LDD category comprises two different entities.Lop ears (HP:0000394) and Overfolded helices (HP:0000396) 6.7.4 Pits[compbio.charite.de]
  • Bilateral choanal atresia; Mild to moderate global developmental delay; Walking at 16m; Speaking at 24m; Delayed myelination at 15m; Metopic ridge; Congenital heart defect(ASD); Hypoplastic toenails and delayed bone age; Normal microarray fining - - seizures[databases.lovd.nl]
  • She has epilepsy seizures and makes use of Valproate (Valproic Acid). Auditory exam revealed some hearing in the left ear and sensorineural moderate dysacusia in high frequencies in the right ear (picture 1).[arquivosdeorl.org.br]


  • Cole and Jahrsdoerfer reported these findings and noted that 50% of 54 stenotic ears with canals smaller than 4 mm developed canal cholesteatoma. [13] Clinicians should readily incorporate CT scanning into their diagnostic workup to ensure that no canal[emedicine.medscape.com]


  • Treatment Otologic anomalies Detect hearing impairment, use appropriate auditory treatment as indicated by severity of loss, such as hearing aid or cochlear implant.[medicine.uiowa.edu]
  • […] window need to be present for successful surgery course of internal carotid artery , and location of the jugular bulb: if abnormal can be hazardous during surgery course of facial nerve : often abnormally anterior and can be damaged during reconstruction Treatment[radiopaedia.org]
  • Mrs Rena Louise Cruz from the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation at QUT will look at advanced 3D biofabrication approaches for the treatment of microtia (a congenital ear deformity), Ms Rebecca Stockwell from The University of Queensland for[medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com]
  • The clinical findings of our EACC cases, and the pathology, etiology and treatment of EACC are discussed.[jstage.jst.go.jp]
  • In CAA, the role of the otologist extends beyond diagnosis and treatment.[emedicine.medscape.com]


  • […] present for successful surgery course of internal carotid artery , and location of the jugular bulb: if abnormal can be hazardous during surgery course of facial nerve : often abnormally anterior and can be damaged during reconstruction Treatment and prognosis[radiopaedia.org]
  • Prognosis for hearing improvement depends on the presence and degree of malformations.[entokey.com]


  • Etiology : Autosomal dominant inheritance in some cases [6]. Pathogenesis : unknown.[sonoworld.com]
  • DISCUSSION It is important to make an etiological diagnosis for children with sensorineural hearing loss because procedures can differ if it is a case of malformation.[arquivosdeorl.org.br]
  • Etiology: - trauma most common - defective development of the lamina cribrosa - congenitally wide cochlear aqueduct with communication of CSF with perilymph Endolymphatic hydrops Symptoms: sensorineural hearing loss and vertigo Source: can be congenital[spinwarp.ucsd.edu]
  • The clinical findings of our EACC cases, and the pathology, etiology and treatment of EACC are discussed.[jstage.jst.go.jp]
  • Etiology Factors that cause the developmental sequence of the ear canal and middle ear to cease in CAA are not known. Regions adjacent to the ear canal, including the jaw bone (mandible) may be affected as well.[emedicine.medscape.com]


  • Relevant External Links for TSHZ1 Genetic Association Database (GAD) TSHZ1 Human Genome Epidemiology (HuGE) Navigator TSHZ1 Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology: TSHZ1 No data available for Genatlas for TSHZ1 Gene Disruption[genecards.org]
  • Epidemiology BOR syndrome affects about 1 in 40,000 people. Diagnosis A family history positive for brachial, otologic, and renal malformations is suggestive of BOR syndrome.[medicine.uiowa.edu]
  • Epidemiological studies suggest that one third of the causes of hearing loss is hereditary, another third is acquired and the remaining part is idiopathic (7).[arquivosdeorl.org.br]
  • Epidemiology and genetics of microtia-anotia: A registry based study on over one million births. J Med Genet 1995;32:453-7. [ PUBMED ] 2. Weerda H. Classification of congenital deformities of the auricle. Fac Plast Surg 1988;5:385-8. [ PUBMED ] 3.[ijri.org]
  • Epidemiology Frequency The incidence of CAA is 1 in 10,000-20,000 live births. Unilateral CAA is more common than bilateral cases with an approximate ratio of 3-4:1.[emedicine.medscape.com]
Sex distribution
Age distribution


  • Recent studies have linked mutations in chromosome 18 to some patients with aural atresia. [6, 7] Pathophysiology Intimate knowledge of the anatomy and development of the ear is essential to understanding the clinical manifestations of CAA.[emedicine.medscape.com]


  • FP episodes were associated with the unprotected FN.To prevent an attack of FP, and to self-clean the external ears, mastoid obliteration surgery was performed, and the mastoid segment of the FN was covered with a conchal cartilage graft.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • Abstract Mycophenolate mofetil (MMF) and its active metabolite mycophenolic acid (MPA) are both very effective immunosuppressive agents widely used for the prevention of organ rejection following transplantation and in the therapy of autoimmune diseases[neoreviews.aappublications.org]
  • If malformations are accompanied by hearing loss amenable to correction, then the early use of hearing aids may prevent complete hearing loss. Additional images [ edit ] External and middle ear, opened from the front. Right side.[en.wikipedia.org]
  • Meatoplasty is the surgical procedure of choice, and when performed in a timely fashion prevents formation of canal cholesteatoma and conductive hearing loss.[entokey.com]
  • In these patients, coordination of care between the plastic surgeon and otologist is important to delineate a clear surgical plan and schedule to prevent confusion and unrealistic expectations. [2] Using the patient's own rib ("autologous"), the plastic[emedicine.medscape.com]

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