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Diabetic Vulvitis


  • The following case report illustrates the fact that Type 1 Diabetes can present in the elderly.[endocrine-abstracts.org]
  • Patient presentation Women with vulvovaginitis may present with itch, discharge, dyspareunia, burning, soreness, dysuria and swelling. Symptoms may vary with the menstrual cycle.[nps.org.au]
  • All the men were uncircumcised and presented with a discharge and erythematous lesions on the glans penis and prepuce. In females the main presenting complaints were vulvar soreness, pruritus, smarting/burning, discharge and bleeding.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • It usually presents as a glistening, red, well-demarcated plaque or patch. The pathophysiology is unknown.[omicsonline.org]
  • Plasma creatinine was normal and electrolyte abnormalities were not present . Doppler-testing in the feet for circulation showed diminished pulse in one foot and suggested PVD was present together with neuropathy.[householdmedicalmanual.wordpress.com]
Anterior Uveitis
  • uveitis, seen as yellowish exudate in lower part of anterior chamber of eye ICD 10 H … Wikipedia Dacryoadenitis — Classification and external resources ICD 10 H04.0 ICD 9 375.0 … Wikipedia[medicine.academic.ru]
Vulvar Pain
  • pain likely represents many disorders ( J Sex Med 2008;5:5 ) Chronic inflammation of vulvar vestibular mucosa, lamina propria and periductal connective tissue of vestibule May see mild exocytosis of lymphocytes in vestibular glands and ducts ( Ann Dermatol[pathologyoutlines.com]
  • She endorsed moderate vulvar pain, vaginal discharge and bloody tinge on the toilet paper with wiping. Patient acknowledged stress within marriage and status of apareunia because of the pain.[omicsonline.org]
Vulvar Burning
  • Case Report A 43 year old Caucasian woman presented with vulvar burning for 2 years. She had been treated unsuccessfully with topical clobetasol, triamcinolone and fluocinonide ointments and oral prednisone.[omicsonline.org]
  • Many patients complain of an irritating vaginal discharge and a vulvar burning sensation. Examination may reveal small spots of erythema around the vestibular glands, with rare ulceration.[www1.cgmh.org.tw]
Vulvar Edema
  • edema with discharge (suggesting streptococcal or staphylococcal infection) Microscopic examination of vaginal secretions for yeast and hyphae and culture to confirm Examination of vulva and anus for pinworms Sexual abuse Vulvovaginal soreness, bloody[merckmanuals.com]


  • Classic Netter images are paired with concise, evidence-based descriptions of common diseases, conditions, diagnostics, treatments, and protocols.[books.google.com]
  • Treatment Treatment of simple vulvitis treatment Treatment department: women urology gynecology obstetrics and gynecology obstetrics and gynecology Treatment: drug treatment supportive treatment Treatment cycle: 3-6 weeks Cure rate: 98% Commonly used[healthfrom.com]
  • […] for yeast infection -topical: best solution-Antifungals -use treatment that is at least 3 days if chronic use 5-7 days -diflucan: oral treatment -Recurrent infections: rule out Diabetes/ or autoimmune diseases -FISHY ODOR -Thin, homogenous gray/white[quizlet.com]
  • Treatment recommendation is mostly based on case reports and case series and this condition is often recalcitrant to topical and systemic treatment.[omicsonline.org]
  • Treatment of vulvitis and colpitis The treatment of vulvitis and colpitis is carried out by administration of anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics and antifungal agents.[en.medixa.org]


  • However, for severe conditions and cosmetic concerns, topical creams, topical lotions, and even surgery may be considered The prognosis of Plasma Cell Vulvitis is excellent with suitable treatment, including surgery or laser therapy Who gets Plasma Cell[dovemed.com]
  • PROGNOSIS. — The prognosis is unfavorable, most cases terminating fatally, death resulting from septicaemia, or pulmonary embolism. If recovery takes place, cicatrization occurs in from three to six weeks.[homeoint.org]
  • Prognosis Most cases of pruritus resolve once the correct diagnosis is made and appropriate treatment instituted. The prognosis will depend on the underlying condition causing the vulvitis.[patient.info]
  • The prognosis is poor, with an overall 5-year survival of 35%.[clinicalgate.com]
  • Prognosis Vulvovaginitis is a disease with minor symptoms and most women respond well to medications.[medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com]


  • Several theories have attempted to discover an etiology for this entity.[www1.cgmh.org.tw]
  • ETIOLOGY. — Uncleanliness is the chief cause of follicular vulvitis. It may also be caused by pregnancy, vaginitis, exanthemata, excessive venery, but it is rarely, if ever, of specific origin.[homeoint.org]
  • Definition (NCI) A chronic inflammatory disorder of unknown etiology that affects the vulva. It is characterized by the development of white elevated plaques in the vulva. Histologically there is marked subepithelial fibrosis.[fpnotebook.com]
  • Introduction Etiology Prevention Complication Symptom Examine Diagnosis Treatment Basic Nursing Introduction Brief introduction of simple vulvitis Simple vulvitis is non-specific vulvitis, is a simple bacterial infection.[healthfrom.com]
  • Other diagnostic tools like pap smears, urine tests, blood tests and tests for sexually transmitted diseases are also done. [3] [6] In children [ edit ] Vulvitis, inflammation of the vulva, can have a variety of etiologies in children and adolescents,[en.wikipedia.org]


  • Contagious agalactia of small ruminants: current knowledge concerning epidemiology, diagnosis and control. Bergonier D, Berthelot X, Poumarat F. Rev Sci Tech . 1997 Dec;16(3):848-73. Review. PMID: 9567311 Similar articles Select item 8529984 19.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • In a national level epidemiological study conducted in 2006 in Sri Lanka, the diabetes prevalence was reported as 10.3 % with 36 % remaining undiagnosed [ 2 ].[bmcendocrdisord.biomedcentral.com]
  • Epidemiology Exact figures are not available because the term covers so many different conditions and many women self-treat and do not consult a health professional. Females of all ages are affected, from prepubertal girls to the elderly.[patient.info]
  • Hyper-insulinaemia and cancer, meta-analyses of epidemiological studies. Arch Physiol Biochem 2008; 114: 63-70. Michaud DS, Wolpin B, Giovannucci E, et al. Prediagnostic plasma C-peptide and pancreatic cancer risk in men and women.[termedia.pl]
  • An Institute of Epidemiological Research survey of 390 gynecologists found that 44% of the women who were diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis had first treated themselves with over-the-counter yeast infection medications.[medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com]
Sex distribution
Age distribution


  • The pathophysiology is unknown. Treatment recommendation is mostly based on case reports and case series and this condition is often recalcitrant to topical and systemic treatment.[omicsonline.org]
  • Several authors and trials describe symptomatology and pathophysiology of the aging bladder: lower urinary tract bladder dysfunction, uninhibited bladder and detrusor contraction, reduced urine flow-rate, reduced pressure profile in the urethra, and increased[householdmedicalmanual.wordpress.com]
  • Pathophysiology Some vaginal discharge is normal, particularly when estrogen levels are high.[merckmanuals.com]
  • Pathophysiology The vulva, the external genitalia of the female, includes the labia majora and minora, the clitoris, and the vestibule of the vagina.[www1.cgmh.org.tw]


  • Can It Be Prevented? Not all cases of vulvitis can be prevented, particularly if there is an underlying disease. However, in general it can be prevented in much the same was as vaginitis is prevented.[womens-health-advice.com]
  • Removing underwear at bedtime may also help prevent vulvovaginitis. Proper cleansing is important and may help prevent irritation. This is especially true if the infection is bacterial.[healthline.com]
  • Prevention Simple vulvitis prevention 1, change the menstrual pad, less wear fiber underwear, usually pay attention to vulva clean. 2, suffering from cervicitis, vaginitis or cervical cancer caused by excessive vaginal discharge, pay attention to keep[healthfrom.com]
  • While good personal hygiene is vital in preventing vulvitis, over-washing of the genitalia can also make symptoms worse, and doctors agree that certain hygiene products can cause irritation in some women that can lead to vulvitis.[glamourlifestyles.com]

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