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Difficulty Concentrating



  • Concentration problems, when present to an excessive degree, are also characteristic of certain physical and psychological conditions.[medicinenet.com]
  • The lower levels of oxygen can present themselves in a number of different ways, one of which is difficulty concentrating.[asthmasymptoms.org]
  • In other words, though an inability to concentrate, general forgetfulness, and disorganization are indeed frequently present in women suffering from postpartum depression, the phenomenon of "mom brain", taken in isolation, is not enough to determine whether[steadyhealth.com]
Labored Breathing
  • These signs include: Slow or irregular heartbeat Slightly elevated or lowered body temperature Slow reflexes, especially in the eyes Labored breathing White spots inside the nails Problems with walking and balance Diagnosis of Concentration Problems To[shecares.com]
  • As you have probably gathered, difficulty concentrating is chief among them, as are difficulty sleeping, changes in appetite, loss of sexual interest, loneliness, and indecisiveness.[pcos.com]
Motor Disturbances
  • It also can have neurologic manifestations, including paresthesia, weakness, motor disturbances (including gait abnormalities), vision loss, and a wide range of cognitive and behavioral changes. 1 Anemia is uncommon because since 1998, the US Food and[mdedge.com]


  • The initial evaluation may necessitate further workup with cognitive testing (for mental retardation), EEG (for seizures), blood testing (for substance abuse, lead, hyperthyroidism), etc. Treatment depends on the underlying cause.[pediatriceducation.org]


  • While hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was once the commonly-prescribed treatment, the discovery of its potential dangerous side effects has prompted many medical professionals to rethink this extreme method and go towards less invasive treatments.[34-menopause-symptoms.com]
  • Get Started Now Cancer Journey Just Diagnosed Life During Treatment Finishing Treatment Life After Treatment Resource Guides Caregivers Adolescents & Young Adults Healthcare Provider Common Concerns Fertility Money & Insurance Practical Needs Effects[livestrong.org]
  • Keep reading to discover treatment approaches for concentration problems.[shecares.com]
  • Treatment guidelines depend on the severity of your depression, but always begin with psychotherapy.[steadyhealth.com]
  • If you continue to be exposed to mold, your condition may not improve and may even get worse, despite medical treatment.[mold-advisor.com]


  • Mild cognitive impairment: Epidemiology, pathology and clinical assessment. . Accessed March 28, 2017. Alzheimer's disease fact sheet. National Institute on Aging. . Accessed March 28, 2017.[mayoclinic.org]
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  • Women who experience severe and frequent difficulty concentrating may wish to treat or even prevent them. Keep reading below to learn about how to prevent and manage problems with concentration.[shecares.com]
  • Fatigue is common in depression, so adequate sleep (seven to nine hours) is necessary in order to prevent exacerbating symptoms. Stay organized.[blogs.psychcentral.com]
  • Examples are Vitamin B or soya isoflavones Keep your brain active – mind games such as Sudoku and crosswords prevent your brain from becoming lazy.[avogel.co.uk]
  • Both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency report that the most common symptoms related to mold exposure are allergic reactions and respiratory symptoms.[mold-advisor.com]
  • Seeking treatment as soon as you can will allow you to receive the help you need, and also helps prevent your depression from becoming chronic. [ 10 ][steadyhealth.com]

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