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Euphorbia Poisoning

Caustic Creeper Poisoning


  • The drinker is not permitted to be present at the preparation of the mboundou, but he may send two friends to see that all is fair. " When Olanga came he emptied the bowl at a draught In about five minutes the poison took effect. He... ‎[books.google.com]
  • Stout sharp spines are present along the angled stems. Symptoms : The sap causes skin rash and blisters, intense burning and, if splashed into the eye, temporary blindness. The stout, sharp spines can also cause mechanical injury.[childrens.health.qld.gov.au]
  • The offending plant was presented to the hospital and was subsequently identified as Euphorbia lathyris also known as the Caper Spurge (Figure 3a, b ).[jmedicalcasereports.biomedcentral.com]
  • It grows wild in eastern US, but it is not present in the UK, so it is extremely unlikely to be the cause of your rash. Another possible cause of your rash is plants in the euphorbia family.[independent.co.uk]
  • For the taking of cuttings and all other activities where Euphorbia sap could be present, you should wear rubber gloves and safety goggles. As even the invisible vapour of the sap can cause discomfort, you should provide for adequate aeration.[euphorbia.de]
  • Use parts of this plant can cause severe allergic reactions, including angioedema. When the SAP gets on the skin, there is a strong reaction. The skin reddens, swells, there are blisters.[medicalj-center.info]
  • Then all became confused. An almost random hacking ensued, and in an incredibly short space of time the bodies were cut in small pieces, which were cast into the river. ‎[books.google.com]
  • After absorption of toxic substances into the bloodstream affects the nervous system, manifested by convulsions, confusion and loss of coordination. In particularly serious cases, these conditions culminate in a coma.[medicalj-center.info]
  • CONFUSED TAXA : Euphorbia cyparissias is a colonial plant from creeping rootstocks; leaves: linear, entire, crowded, 3 cm long, 1-nerved; cyathia: umbel-like cymes, yellowish green when young, becoming purplish red; glands: yellow, crescent shaped with[research.vet.upenn.edu]
  • Not to be confused with Euphoria . For the family commonly called "euphorbias", see Euphorbiaceae . Euphorbia is a very large and diverse genus of flowering plants , commonly called spurge , in the spurge family ( Euphorbiaceae ).[en.wikipedia.org]
  • Rich in alkaloids such as scopolamine and hyoscyamine, if ingested by humans, the trumpets can cause diarrhoea, confusion, migraines, paralysis and even death. 4.[australiangeographic.com.au]
  • Removal of weeds in a country house, do not forget that many species of this plant grow in nature. Independent production of drugs or the use of liquors that were purchased with it.[medicalj-center.info]


  • Spurge has found application in the treatment of many diseases. Basic it is possible to allocate: For skin diseases. Tincture milkweed helps in the treatment of skin ulcers, which heal poorly, warts and fungal infections.[medicalj-center.info]
  • A recent caller reported euphorbia poisoning in his eyes that he was unable to find treatment for.[nevadaappeal.com]
  • If the sap latex is used as a natural treatment for warts it must be applied with care so it does not come into contact with the surrounding skin.[herbal-supplement-resource.com]
  • Treatment remains largely empirical. Exposure to the milky latex can result in extreme pain requiring prompt treatment. The use of goggles and gloves is recommended when handling this plant.[jmedicalcasereports.biomedcentral.com]
  • In our case, steroids were used not only as the treatment of nephrotic syndrome but also for the treatment of the interstitial nephritis.[sjkdt.org]


  • The prognosis of Poinsettia Plant Poisoning is dependent on the amount of substance consumed, time between consumption and treatment, severity of the symptoms, as well as general health status of the patient If the individual can recover from the symptoms[dovemed.com]


  • Epidemiology Frequency United States In 2013, the American Association of Poison Control Centers reported 5248 single exposures to plants containing oxalates.[emedicine.medscape.com]
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  • […] names for these plants include the following: Spathiphyllum – Spath, peace lily Euphorbia pulcherrima – Poinsettia, Christmas flower, lobster plant Ilex – Holly Philodendron – Cordaturn, horsehead, red emerald, red princess Dieffenbachia – Dumbcane Pathophysiology[emedicine.medscape.com]


  • "For most people, the garden is a pleasurable place," says Sarah Colles, a Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) home safety adviser.[telegraph.co.uk]
  • Preventing these itchy, blistery, uncomfortable skin reactions involves some common-sense steps. When gardening or doing yard work, cover as much skin as you can. Wearing gardening gloves can prevent many plant materials from piercing your skin.[poison.org]
  • Based upon many human and animal clinical trials, it has been suggested that anthocyanins possess anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties and cardiovascular and neurodegenerative disease prevention.[nature.com]
  • Washing my hands after touching the plant – or better yet using gloves before pinching off the seed pod – would have prevented the problem. Rinsing the eye sooner probably would not have helped.[uaex.edu]

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