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Gangrenous Cystitis


  • The authors review the literature to date on the aetiology, presentation, diagnosis and management of gangrenous cystitis and emphasise the importance of early and aggressive surgical management.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • We present this case, together with a review of the literature.[ci.nii.ac.jp]
  • 61 Solitary Pulmonary Nodule in a 58YearOld Male Case 42 483 Chapter 62 Persistent Jaundice in a 1MonthOld Infant Case 43 497 Chapter 63 Newborn Baby with a Large Abdominal Wall Defect Case 44 503 Chapter 64 Newborn Infant with Labored Breathing and Hypoxemia[books.google.de]
  • Authors: A Bonera; G Antoci; P Bianchi; P Alberti Publication Detail: Type: Case Reports; English Abstract; Journal Article Journal Detail: Title: Minerva urologica e nefrologica The Italian journal of urology and nephrology Volume: 48 ISSN: 0393-2249[biomedsearch.com]
Labored Breathing
  • Breathing and Hypoxemia Case 45 510 Chapter 65 Vomiting in an Infant Case 46 516 Chapter 66 3YearOld Female with a 12Hour Onset of Abdominal Pain Vomiting and Fever of 385C Case 47 523 Chapter 67 4YearOld Boy with a Groin Mass Case 48 529 Chapter 68[books.google.de]
Acute Abdomen
  • We report a case of gangrenous cystitis in a 70-year-old woman presented with symptoms of acute abdomen. Main causative factor was overdistension of the bladder due to catheter obstruction.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • In this case, gangrenous cystitis appeared to be caused by ischemia of the bladder wall due to arterial sclerotic lesion, severe hypotension during the surgery and bladder overdistention by diabetic neurogenic bladder.[jstage.jst.go.jp]
  • A 77-year-old woman who had been on hemodialysis for chronic renal failure elsewhere presented to a previous hospital because of vomiting and abdominal pain, when she presented with hypotension and shock.[ci.nii.ac.jp]
  • Haug Browse recently published Learning/CME Learning/CME View all learning/CME CME Case 3-2019: A 70-Year-Old Woman with Fever, Headache, and Progressive Encephalopathy Caplacizumab Treatment for Acquired Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura Randomized[nejm.org]
  • Haug Browse recently published Learning/CME Learning/CME View all learning/CME CME Case 3-2019: A 70-Year-Old Woman with Fever, Headache, and Progressive Encephalopathy Caplacizumab Treatment for Acquired Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura Randomized[nejm.org]
  • The early symptoms of cystitis in women are dysuria, or pain on urination; urgency, or a sudden strong desire to urinate; and increased frequency of urination.[medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com]
  • Plain X-ray showed gas in the vomiting, dysuria and haematuria.[dev.docslide.net]
  • Feng, 34 years old, a year ago the patient frequent urination, urgency, dysuria symptoms, accompanied by fatigue, weight loss, waist and abdomen appear perineal area and bladder discomfort, when dizziness, vertigo, etc. neurasthenia.[encrypted.google.com]
  • Three days later, significantly reduced the symptoms, urgency, dysuria eased, after continued treatment twenty days all symptoms disappeared. 例三:乌女士,41岁,患者于半年前患上了腺性膀胱炎,尿频、尿急、排尿时有灼热刺痛感,身体乏力、消瘦,膀胱会阴区隐痛。 Example Three: Ms.[google.mk]
  • Patients with bladder cystitis may present with symptoms of urgency, frequency, dysuria, hematuria, cloudy and offensive-smelling urine, or suprapubic discomfort. These symptoms may occur singly or in combination.[emedicine.medscape.com]


  • Females Female patients often require a pelvic examination as part of the diagnostic workup for bladder infections. Normally, however, a midstream urine sample of 200 ml is collected to test for infection.[medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com]
  • Dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA) scanning may be useful in the workup of patients who potentially have cystitis.[thehealthscience.com]
  • The role of these diagnostic tools is limited in the workup of cystitis but may prove useful for investigating inflammatory disorders affecting the bladder extrinsically.[emedicine.medscape.com]
Mediastinal Mass
  • Chapter 57 Gastric Bypass Case 39 451 Chapter 58 Coronary Revascularization Case 40 463 Coronary Bypass 470 Chapter 60 Mediastinal Mass in a 61YearOld Male Case 41 475 Chapter 61 Solitary Pulmonary Nodule in a 58YearOld Male Case 42 483 Chapter 62 Persistent[books.google.de]
  • Urinary analysis showed pyuria, and culture was positive for Escherichia coli. The abdominal X-ray showed multiple hydroaeric shadows in the small intestine, without free gas below the diaphragm.[latunisiemedicale.com]
  • Cystalgia is a disease of the bladder in women, manifested increase and painful urination, in the absence of pyuria.[medicalency.com]
  • Emphysematous cystitis is associ- ated with diabetes mellitus, glycosuria, chronic urinary tract infection and general debility [ 2 ] .[dev.docslide.net]
Clostridium Perfringens
  • Culture of the peritoneal fluid and urine grew Escherischia coli and Clostridium perfringens. Excretory urography and cystography post-operatively delineated the extent and position of the bilateral divertic- ulae.[dev.docslide.net]
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the management of clostridium perfringens infections. N Zealand Med J 1986;99:617-20. Gozal D, Ziser A, Shupark A, et al. Necrotizing fasciitis. Archives of Surgery, 1986; 121: 233-5.[cms.gov]


  • The aetiology and treatment of gangrenous cystitis are reviewed in 21 cases reported in the literature over the past 45 years.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • Unique Challenge, Think About, and Emergency Treatment features help in applying the material to real-life situations.[books.google.de]
  • 例句 Known for its health - giving benefits, especially as a treatment for cystitis in women 眾所周知其對健康的益處,特別對患有膀胱炎的婦女。[dict.site]
  • Alternative treatment Alternative treatment for cystitis may emphasize eliminating all sugar from the diet and drinking lots of water.[medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com]
  • Case report Next Document: Treatment of prostate adenoma with finasteride. Contribution of cases[biomedsearch.com]


  • Factors 7-49 82 Genetic Predisposition and Syndromic Associations 8-1 83 Clinical Features and Natural History of Bladder Cancer 8-2 84 Morphologic Characteristics of Invasive Urothelial Carcinoma 8-10 85 Urothelial Carcinoma in Young Adults 8-14 86 Prognosis[books.google.de]
  • Preoperative diagnosis was difficult and the prognosis was poor. We present this case, together with a review of the literature.[ci.nii.ac.jp]
  • Prognosis Females The prognosis for recovery from uncomplicated cystitis is excellent.[medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com]
  • […] diabetes , liver disease , rapid weight loss [4] Diagnostic method Abdominal ultrasound [5] Differential diagnosis Hepatitis , peptic ulcer disease , pancreatitis , pneumonia , angina [6] Treatment Gallbladder removal surgery , gallbladder drainage [7] [5] Prognosis[en.wikipedia.org]
  • Similarly, no symptoms or clinical findings typify gangrenous cystitis; this limitation hampers diagnosis and may worsen the prognosis.[thehealthscience.com]


  • The etiology and management of this unusual condition are discussed.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • The etiology of this disease is probably multifactorial and it is never possible to identify a unique cause. The gangrenous cystitis doesn't present with any typical symptomatology, out with urinary troubles common to many urologic diseases.[biomedsearch.com]
  • The incidence, etiology, diagnosis, management and outcome of gangrenous cystitis are discussed. 2010 S. Karger AG, Basel References Willis T: Dissertatio de Urinis, 1650. Striling WC, Hopkins GA: Gangrene of the bladder.[karger.com]
  • It was etiologically considered that rupture of the urinary bladder might occur due to gangrenous cystitis caused by chronic cystitis in a hemodialysis patient.[ci.nii.ac.jp]


  • Considerations 7-3 74 Histopathology and Diagnostic Criteria 7-4 75 Variants of Urothelial Carcinoma in Situ 7-9 76 Differential Diagnosis 7-31 77 Diagnostic and Predictive Biomarkers 7-34 78 Prognosis 7-37 79 Molecular Characteristics 7-40 References 7-42 81 Epidemiology[books.google.de]
  • "Definitions, pathophysiology, and epidemiology of acute cholangitis and cholecystitis: Tokyo Guidelines" . Journal of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery . 14 (1): 15–26. doi : 10.1007/s00534-006-1152-y . ISSN 0944-1166 . PMC 2784509 .[en.wikipedia.org]
Sex distribution
Age distribution


  • A concise, easy-to-understand introduction to the fundamentals, Pathophysiology for the Health Professions, 4th Edition helps you learn to identify disease processes and disorders.[books.google.de]
  • Sleisenger & Fordtran's Gastrointestinal and liver disease pathophysiology, diagnosis, management (9 ed.). [S.l.]: MD Consult. p. 1065. ISBN 9781437727678 . Archived from the original on 2017-09-08.[en.wikipedia.org]
  • Detailed evaluation of the pathophysiology and mechanism of action of treatments is beyond the scope of RRRs. Most importantly, evidence reports do not make specific recommendations on the use of diagnostic tests or treatments.[cms.gov]


  • Surgery A minority of women with complicated UTIs may require surgical treatment to prevent recurrent infections.[medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com]
  • Case studies revised to emphasize chronic diseases, prevention, and acute care, and to apply to a wider range of health professions. Appendices reorganized for improved reference and lookup.[books.google.de]
  • Preventing acute cholecystitis It isn't always possible to prevent acute cholecystitis, but you can lower your risk of developing it by reducing your risk of getting gallstones.[nhs.uk]
  • Prevention of cystitis in men In order to prevent the occurrence of cystitis in men, you need: maintain genital hygiene, avoid sexually transmitted infections do not supercool timely treat adenoma, prostatitis or cancer, drink enough liquid strengthen[en.medicine-worlds.com]
  • Treatment A healthy diet can help prevent gallstones, a common cause of cholecystitis. A patient with cholecystitis will be hospitalized, and they will probably not be allowed to consume any solid or liquid foods for some time.[medicalnewstoday.com]

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