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  • When the absence of parallel excitement is accompanied in the beholder by the sense of unfamiliarity as in childhood, or by a neurotic hypersensitiveness, the conditions are present for the production of intense horror feminae or horror masculis, as the[en.wikipedia.org]
  • In fact, the conditions present for the production of intense horror feminae or horror masculis, as the case may be. However, Otto Rank argues in his interesting study, “Die Nacktheit in Sage und Dichtung”.[viola.bz]
  • Jon Burnham, Pastor, Presbyterian Church, Houston, TX “Acharya S has done a superb job in bringing together the rich panoply of ancient world mythology and culture, and presenting it in a comprehensive and compelling fashion.”[freethoughtnation.com]
  • This phobia may also be present in people who are afraid of being ‘rejected’ by women.[wolverhamptonhypnotherapy.co.uk]
  • […] by the reading of Ibsen's work entitled 'Gengangere' (English) (as Author) La voz de la conseja, t.2 Selección de las mejores novelas breves y cuentos de los más esclarecidos literatos (Spanish) (as Author) Echols, Joan ¶ A New Genus of Pennsylvanian Fish[gutenberg.org]
  • It cannot be said that the sexual organs of either sex under the influence of sexual excitement are esthetically pleasing; they only become emotionally desirable through the parallel excitement of the beholder.[en.wikipedia.org]
  • With which the invert often regards the sexual organs of persons of the opposite sex… Meanwhile, among the reasons of Gynophobia, the scientist mentions the absence of parallel excitement accompanied in the beholder by the sense of unfamiliarity as in[viola.bz]
  • Even during birth having a son is more exciting then having a daughter. Sorry that you and your mom aren't getting along. I hope that changes. Also I don't think you fear women other then being judge but you judge women too as a whole.[answers.yahoo.com]
  • Do not forget about intellectual development. Women like smart men. Look after yourself, gently dress, forget to clean your shoes. Be an interesting interlocutor for a woman.[en.triandgo.com]
  • Don't forget to use the same email as on Steam Spy![steamspy.com]
  • But don't forget that women have guys walk away just when they've gotten really attached to them. That can't be much fun, either.[psychforums.com]
  • It is propaganda like this and this and not to forget the t about manspreading, mansplaining, r*pe culture, patriarchy,... which is a way for female ideologues to express their hatred of men right in the open, legitimizing it.[steamcommunity.com]
  • ¶ Neil, Henry Complete Life of William McKinley and Story of His Assassination An Authentic and Official Memorial Edition, Containing Every Incident in the Career of the Immortal Statesman, Soldier, Orator and Patriot (English) (as Author) "Lest We Forget[gutenberg.org]


  • View Resources: Depression Guide – definition and treatment. Wrong Diagnosis – symptoms and treatment. Steady Health.com – causes and treatment.[allaboutcounseling.com]
  • Please click on the tab at the top of the page called “Treatments” to find out more information on these types of treatments.[common-phobias.com]
  • The list of treatments mentioned in various sources for Gynophobia includes the following list. Always seek professional medical advice about any treatment or change in treatment plans.[dainikupdate.blogspot.com]
  • Methods of treatment To get rid of a phobia it is possible only with the help of psychotherapy. It is important to undergo treatment as early as possible so that the problem does not worsen.[en.triandgo.com]
  • Gynophobia Treatment Wolverhampton Hypnotherapy is able to offer a wide range of different psychological treatments for Gynophobia including both ‘cognitive’ (thinking) based talking therapies as well as therapies based on ’emotional’ content such as[wolverhamptonhypnotherapy.co.uk]


  • Gynophobia prevents a man from living a normal life and interacting in a normal, healthy and socially acceptable way with women. Such person does not feel comfortable around women, they feel intimidated, scared or even terrified by women.[ic.steadyhealth.com]
  • In many cases, it may also be rooted in social phobia or social anxiety disorder Therapy for gynophobia is key, as a man hoarding such extreme irrationalities toward women prevents him from having a decent relationship with a woman, gaining trust in a[dainikupdate.blogspot.com]

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