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Hammer Toe


  • Analysis of an informal survey taken of several practitioners known to utilize digital implants is also presented. This manuscript primarily focuses on potential complications that may accompany the procedure.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • The authors present two cases of resultant hallux hammer toe secondary to the definitive treatment of hallux sesamoidal osteomyelitis.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • It is easily performed and presents few complications.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • The author presents a method of rigid internal fixation using 2.4-mm-diameter pins fashioned out of freeze-dried allogeneic cortical bone. These devices avoid most of the risks of metal pins.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • A new proximal interphalangeal joint arthrodesis procedure for hammer toe deformities utilizing a stiffer poly L-lactate 2-mm absorbable pin for internal fixation is presented.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
Toe Pain
  • Complaints after operative procedures include a too straight toe, floating toe, painful toe recurvatum, mallet toe, pin track infection, broken hardware, and the necessity of removing hardware.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • Signs & Symptoms Treatments Signs and symptoms of an Hammer Toe may include: Corns or calluses from rubbing on tip or middle joint of the toe Pain in toe Toe may look like a hammer or curled like a claw Trouble moving the toe, or walking Self Care Choosing[tria.com]
  • Video: Best Shoes for Hammertoes Don’t let your bunions or big toe pain get worse. Early treatment can prevent future problems. Call today for an appointment in our Seattle office[footankle.com]
  • Common symptoms include: Corns or calluses on the top of the middle joint of the toe Corns or calluses on the tip of the toe Pain in your toes or feet Difficulty finding comfortable shoes Redness at the point of contraction Dislocation Decreased function[summitortho.com]
  • Talk to your doctor about symptoms such as: A toe that curls down Corns on the top of a toe Calluses on the sole of the foot or bottom of the toe Pain in the middle joint of a toe Discomfort on the top of a toe Difficulty finding any shoes that fit comfortably[uvahealth.com]
Foot Pain
  • Alleviating hammertoe foot pain will require a properly fitted and sized shoe. Shoe design is also critical.[thorlo.com]
  • […] causing pain, along with issues like bunions and hammertoes over time. — Nina Bahadur, SELF, "8 Shoe Mistakes That Could Definitely Be Causing Your Foot Pain," 18 Apr. 2018 Podiatrists can prescribe orthotics, treat ingrown toenails, provide diabetic[merriam-webster.com]
  • Two of my toes are bent up in the middle and push against the tops of my shoes, which is causing foot pain when I walk and with some of my shoes. Why is this happening, and what can I do about it? A.[consumerreports.org]
  • Evaluation and diagnosis of common causes of foot pain in adults. . Accessed Dec. 15, 2015. Hammer toe. American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. . Accessed Dec. 16, 2015. Malloy A, et al. Mallet toe deformity.[mayoclinic.com]
Flexion Contracture
  • On examination, she has a rigid flexion contracture of the second proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint, with neutral position of the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint. The deformity does not correct with foot plantarflexion.[orthobullets.com]
  • In adults proximal phalangectomy was the most successful procedure to relieve symptoms and is suggested as the operation of choice. Flexor to extensor tendon transfer was successful in children but not in adults.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • Abstract Elevated plantar foot pressures during gait in diabetic patients with neuropathy have been suggested to result, among other factors, from the distal displacement of sub-metatarsal head (MTH) fat-pad cushions caused by to claw/hammer toe deformity[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • These results suggest that the bioabsorbable implant would be a suitable fixation device for the hammer toe procedure.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • Try these suggestions and see what works best for you. RELATED: 7 Ways to Ease Your Bunions Without Surgery More information Guide to treatment for foot and ankle pain[health.clevelandclinic.org]
  • INTERPRETATIONS: These results suggest that 3D digitizer and CT scan measures of MTPJ angle and goniometric, 3D digitizer, and CT scan measures of tibial torsion are reliable.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
Burning Sensation
  • Inflammation, redness or a burning sensation Contracture of the toe In more severe cases of hammertoe, open sores may form.[acfas.org]
  • Inflammation, redness, or a burning sensation Contracture of the toe In more severe cases of hammertoe, open sores may form.[drcavalier.com]
  • Swelling, redness, or a burning sensation. Inability to straighten the toe. In severe cases, open sores may develop on the toe. A doctor normally diagnoses hammer toe during an exam.[medicalnewstoday.com]


  • Pseudomonas osteomyelitis developed in both cases following puncture wounds to the first metatarsophalangeal joint complex.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]


  • Diagnosis and Treatment The treatment options vary with the type and severity of each hammer toe, although identifying the deformity early in its development is important to avoid surgery.[apma.org]
  • What Are the Treatments for Hammertoes? You should see a doctor if you have a hammertoe.[webmd.com]
  • The authors present two cases of resultant hallux hammer toe secondary to the definitive treatment of hallux sesamoidal osteomyelitis.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • This article reviews 20 patients undergoing 62 double resectional arthroplasty procedures for treatment of the deformity.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • What are my treatment options? Summit specialists practice a conservative approach to treatment which means they first explore successful non-surgical options to get you back on your feet before considering surgery.[summitortho.com]


  • Prognosis Hammertoe is often a harmless and painless condition. Although the toe may be curled permanently, hammertoe should not cause any long-term problems other than a more difficult time finding shoes that fit.[drugs.com]


  • Hallux valgus, longer metatarsals, and intrinsic imbalance are the most common etiologies. Understanding the cause of the deformity is important to be able to successfully treat the condition, whether nonoperative or with operative intervention.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • Your physician will need to evaluate your foot and the etiology of your toe contracture. Surgical treatment will vary pending the etiology. Please discuss the details with your physician.[valleyfootanklecenter.com]
  • 10 M20.40 - Other hammer toe(s) (acquired), unspecified foot M20.41 - Other hammer toe(s) (acquired), right foot M20.42 - Other hammer toe(s) (acquired), left foot Hammer Toe ICD-9 735.4 Acquired deformity of toe; other acquired hammer toe Hammer Toe Etiology[eorif.com]
  • In podiatry school, we learned about biomechanical etiologies of hammertoes such as flexor and extensor substitution. We also learned an algorithm for surgical treatment based on the etiology.[podiatrytoday.com]
  • Give the etiology of hallux valgus. - Loose ligaments, falling of the transversal arch. - Tight, pointed shoes. How common is the Hallux valgus? - Men: 2-22%. - Female: 4-44%.[studyblue.com]


  • Other hammer toe(s) (acquired), unspecified foot M20.41 - Other hammer toe(s) (acquired), right foot M20.42 - Other hammer toe(s) (acquired), left foot Hammer Toe ICD-9 735.4 Acquired deformity of toe; other acquired hammer toe Hammer Toe Etiology / Epidemiology[eorif.com]
  • Introduction Hammer deformity characterized by PIP flexion DIP extension MTP neutral (or extended) deformity can be rigid or flexible Epidemiology most common deformity of lesser toes more common in older women 2nd toes usually affected Pathoanatomy overpull[orthobullets.com]
Sex distribution
Age distribution


  • The development of these deformities should be regarded as a continuum in the same pathophysiologic process.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]


  • Prevention There are several things you can do to help prevent hammer toes from forming or progressing: Wear supportive shoes to help prevent deformities. Hammer toes are often related to faulty foot mechanics, especially foot flattening.[apma.org]
  • Management and prevention of these complications is also discussed.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • They help prevent corns, calluses and blisters, and ease related forefoot pain. Long-lasting and fit comfortably in most shoes.[walgreens.com]
  • Proper arch support - arch support prevents a number of foot ailments. Long-term outlook Hammer toe can be treated and prevented with simple exercises and footwear changes.[medicalnewstoday.com]
  • Prevention Most cases of hammertoe can be prevented by wearing shoes that fit properly and give the toes plenty of room. Some recommended guidelines include: Avoid shoes with pointed or narrow toes. Avoid shoes that are too tight or short.[drugs.com]

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