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  • Only after finishing the material I came up with this tower type presentation.[substance3d.com]
  • Sextus Empiricus is given as the first writer to present the whole of the adage as cited by Plutarch. ("Concerning such whom God is slow to punish.") Hesiod—Scutum Herculis. V. 89. Note by Robinson gives it to Plato.[en.wikiquote.org]
  • French and the British introduced humane treatment of the clinically insane, [9] though the criteria for diagnosis and placement in an asylum were considerably looser than today, often including such conditions as speech disorder, speech impediments, epilepsy[en.wikipedia.org]
  • However, testimony from informants and surveillance showed that Gigante was in full control of his faculties the whole time, and ruled over his Mafia family with an iron fist. [15] Today feigned insanity is considered malingering.[en.wikipedia.org]
  • This was aggravated, of course, by the Puritan policy of rigorously suppressing all the natural outlets of excuberant feeling--music, laughter, colour, pageantry, and so on. To observe Christmas Day was once a prison offence.... H.P.[en.wikiquote.org]
  • The Thinker warned, “Do not fall into madness.” Helena Roerich, Supermundane, 285 (1938) S [ edit ] I'm standing on the edge of some crazy cliff.[en.wikiquote.org]
  • In medicine, the general term psychosis is used to include the presence either of delusions or of hallucinations or both in a patient; [1] and psychiatric illness is " psychopathology ", not mental insanity. [2] In English, the word "sane" derives from[en.wikipedia.org]
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  • —O fearful woe, Such screams to hear, such sights to see! My brain, my brain,—I know, I know I am not mad but soon shall be. Matthew Gregory Lewis ("Monk Lewis"), The Maniac. Id commune malum; semel insanivimus omnes.[en.wikiquote.org]
Speech Disorders
  • disorder, speech impediments, epilepsy, and depression or being pregnant out of wedlock.[en.wikipedia.org]
  • ...such mental confusion fully corresponds with the end of Kali Yuga... Most people hate the messenger who brings knowledge... let them at least remember the warning that humanity is acting insanely. The Thinker warned, “Do not fall into madness.”[en.wikiquote.org]


  • Historical views and treatment Madness, the non-legal word for insanity, has been recognized throughout history in every known society.[en.wikipedia.org]
  • It is very dangerous that people do not recognize this state, for while it is possible to cure a patient who does not resist treatment, if he struggles against it the beneficial effects of the medicine will be diminished.[en.wikiquote.org]


  • They would also observe that we spend millions to prevent death by disease and other causes. Finally they would observe that we spend paltry sums for population planning, even though its spontaneous growth is an urgent threat to life on our planet.[en.wikiquote.org]

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