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Intestinal Hypomotility


  • In 2012, he also published a rare case report on hypercalcemia as a presenting clinical manifestation of adenocarcinoma of the colon in World Journal of Oncology.[books.google.com]
  • الصفحة 468 - Role of aberrant HLA-DR expression and antigen presentation in induction of endocrine autoimmunity. Lancet 1983; 2: 1115-19. ‏ الصفحة 401 - F, et al.[books.google.com]
  • The researchers note that a “common theme” was the late presentation of the patient to medical services, after significant pathology had already evolved.[psychiatryadvisor.com]
  • The strong tie between the oral administration of an opioid analgesic and the oral administration of the antagonist in order to cope with the side effect of the analgesic is in particular still present.[epo.org]
  • "Double bubble" sign (the bubbles are the stomach and the duodenum proximal to the atresia) (this is duodenal atresia) • A newborn presents with early bilious vomiting and a "double bubble" on X-ray.[brainscape.com]
Movement Disorder
  • Argento has documented and published several rare, interesting clinical entities, for example: In 2011, a case report on a rare movement disorder, known as hemichorea-hemiballism associated with nonketotic hyperglycemia, in Practical Neurology.[books.google.com]
  • METHODS: Twenty-five subjects without previous gastric surgery were studied with (i) concurrent bacteriological analyses of fasting saliva and gastric and proximal small intestinal aspirates, (ii) measurement of gastric pH, and (iii) scintigraphic assessment[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • CASE REPORTS: A 41-year-old male died 40 min after admission to hospital as a result of aspiration complicating severe, clozapine-induced constipation.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • […] its interaction with multiple receptors, including anticholinergic and serotonergic receptors. 1 Clozapine can impair motility throughout the GI tract causing intestinal obstruction, bowel ischaemia, necrosis, perforation, toxic megacolon, and related aspiration[medsafe.govt.nz]
  • Clozapine-induced gastrointestinal hypomotility (CIGH) can lead to fecalith formation, which may result in intestinal obstruction/pseudo-obstruction, intestinal distension, necrosis, perforation, sepsis, aspiration from inhalation of feculent vomitus,[mdedge.com]
Chronic Cough
  • cough; such a use being characterized in that: (i)- said opioid antagonist is not an antagonist pro- drug; (ii)- said opioid antagonist is systemically active when administered parenterally; so as to provide an oral composition able to provide systemic[epo.org]
  • […] of an opioid antagonist substantially devoid of systemic antagonist activity when administered orally, for the manufacture of an oral composition useful for the treatment over a prolonged period of a patient in chronic pain or suffering from chronic cough[epo.org]
Delayed Gastric Emptying
  • Intro / Digestion / Who gets GP / What happens / Symptoms / Dx / Mild forms / Tx Theories related to delayed gastric emptying: Gastroparesis is delayed gastric emptying (emptying of the stomach).[digestivedistress.com]
  • The association between dyspeptic symptoms and delayed gastric emptying has been studied in other conditions, such as functional dyspepsia, and it has been found that only 23-26% of functional dyspeptic patients had delayed gastric emptying [ 20, 21 ][bmcgastroenterol.biomedcentral.com]
  • Fatty foods are believed to delay gastric emptying. High fiber foods are thought to be associated with abdominal bloating and discomfort.[rarediseases.org]
Abdominal Distension
  • distension, vomiting, paradoxical "overflow" diarrhoea, reduced appetite, nausea. 1 , 4-6 Patients with these signs and symptoms require urgent medical referral and treatment as complications such as septic shock can occur.[medsafe.govt.nz]
  • X returns to the ED with nausea, vomiting, and abdominal distension. Abdominal CT scan suggests partial small bowel obstruction and significantly dilated loops of small bowel with decompressed rectum and sigmoid colon.[mdedge.com]
  • Physical examination was significant for abdominal distension with hypoactive bowel sounds. Rectal examination revealed hard impacted stool in the rectal vault. Stool qualitative guaiac test was performed, which was negative.[dovepress.com]
  • […] contracted anus 564.89 rectum, rectal (sphincter) 564.89 Dilatation anus 564.89 cecum 564.89 duodenum 564.89 ileum 564.89 jejunum 564.89 rectum 564.89 sphincter ani 564.89 Dyskinesia 781.3 intestinal 564.89 Dyspepsia (allergic) (congenital) (fermentative) (flatulent[icd9data.com]
  • Low doses of intravenous naloxone reduce morphine-induced pruritus without reversing analgesia, but the effect of epidural naloxone on bowel motility has not been studied.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • Orocaecal transit, but not gastric emptying, of a liquid test meal was significantly delayed in this group (p 0.002 and p 0.84, respectively), suggesting the presence of small intestinal hypomotility.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • Genetics The disease carries an autosomal recessive inheritance 2-3 with the gene locus at 15q24 8 although some authors suggest a sporadic occurrence in certain cases reference required.[radiopaedia.org]
  • Citation (1) indicated this situation by suggesting other possibilities for achieving this effect as many as three years later. Therefore, a claim directed to such a use of naloxone was new.[epo.org]
  • 23 hours for patients not prescribed clozapine vs. 104.5 hours in those taking clozapine—more than 4 times the normative values or in patients taking another antipsychotic ( P Researchers found abnormalities in right, left, and rectosigmoid motility suggesting[empr.com]
  • Absence of faecal balls in the colon is also highly suggestive.[en.wikivet.net]
  • Argento has documented and published several rare, interesting clinical entities, for example: In 2011, a case report on a rare movement disorder, known as hemichorea-hemiballism associated with nonketotic hyperglycemia, in Practical Neurology.[books.google.com]


  • Significant updates on bariatric surgery, Barrett's esophagus, endoscopic ultrasound, endosonography, treatment of liver disease, and much more keep you current on the latest advances.[books.google.com]
  • Clozapine serum levels were generally not included in the ADR reports, but available data showed that 37% of CIGH cases occurred within the first year of treatment.[psychiatryadvisor.com]
  • The wording "for the treatment over a prolonged period" is not defined exactly in the application as filed, but the person skilled in the art will find it to be in a range of several days to months or years.[epo.org]
  • Drugs that could bind to motilin could be useful for the treatment of various GI functional motor disorders like gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, gastroparesis, postoperative ileus, scleroderma and idiopathic pseudo-obstruction.[gradestack.com]
  • الصفحة 4 - Murray, GR: Note on the Treatment of Myxoedema by Hypodermic Injections of an Extract of the Thyroid Gland of a Sheep, Brit. ‏ الصفحة 170 - Rawson EJ, Simmons DM, Swanson LW, Rosenfeld MG.[books.google.com]


  • Treatment and prognosis The overall prognosis is considered to be poor and treatment has been shown to be generally ineffective 6. It is usually lethal within the first year of life 3. History and etymology First described by W E Berdon in 1976 4.[radiopaedia.org]
  • Prognosis Depends on the underlying cause. Early medical management of animals with ileus carries an excellent prognosis. References Girling, S.[en.wikivet.net]
  • Denton Clinical features and prognosis of primary biliary cirrhosis associated with systemic sclerosis [71.] S. Akimoto, O. Ishikawa, Y. Muro, H. Takagi, T. Tamura, Y.[reumatologiaclinica.org]


  • Keywords Dyspeptic Gastric emptying Crohn Background Crohn’s disease is a chronic condition of unknown etiology in which inflammatory process may involve any location of gastrointestinal tract [ 1 ].[bmcgastroenterol.biomedcentral.com]


  • […] intestinal hypoperfusion -- postpradial epigastric pain -- food aversion and weight loss ischemic colitis - mechanism / presentation reduction in intestinal blood flow -- crampy abdominal pain followed by hematoscezia ischemic colitis - location and epidemiology[brainscape.com]
Sex distribution
Age distribution


  • Sleisenger and Fordtran’s gastrointestinal and liver disease: pathophysiology, diagnosis, management. Edited by: Feldman M, Friedman LS, Brandt L. 2006, Philadelphia: Saunders, 2459-2498.[bmcgastroenterol.biomedcentral.com]
  • Chen Systematic review: pathophysiology and management of gastrointestinal dysmotility in systemic sclerosis (scleroderma) Aliment Pharmacol Ther, 15 (2006), pp. 691-712 [5.] G. Bassotti, E. Battaglia, V. Debernardi, U. Germani, F. Quiriconi, L.[reumatologiaclinica.org]


  • The appellant admitted that the oral composition of document (6), when applied in its usual way, prevents this side effect.[epo.org]
  • Some medications may be useful in the treatment of some individuals, including: Antibiotics to prevent bacterial growth Anti-heartburn drugs to reduce gastric acid secretion Choleretic agents to prevent liver disease, due to better bile flow Hypomotility[news-medical.net]
  • People with intestinal pseudo-obstruction often need nutritional support to prevent malnutrition and weight loss.[aboutgimotility.org]
  • Prescriber Update 32(2): 14–15 June 2011 Prescribers are reminded of the importance of treating constipation in patients taking clozapine to prevent potentially life-threatening complications.[medsafe.govt.nz]

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