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Normocytic Normochromic Anemia


  • (coughing of blood), and hematuria are generally obvious and reported while uterine bleeding or GI bleeding can be overlooked or occult and may present as unexplained anemia Post-hemorrhagic Anemia: Blood loss -Excessive menstrual bleeding often goes[cram.com]
  • My MCV has actually dropped from 91.1 in XXXXXXX to 83.7 at present, so megaloblastic anemia seems rather unlikely to me.[healthmagic.gq]
  • Presentation on theme: "Normocytic Normochromic Anemias"— Presentation transcript: 1 Normocytic Normochromic Anemias M H Qari, MD, FRCPA Associate Professor of Hematology 2 Aplastic anemia Aplastic anemia is a severe, life threatening syndrome in which[slideplayer.com]
  • The blood loss stimulates increased production, and the young cells that enter the blood in response are larger than those already present in the blood.[britannica.com]
  • Also improve your diet with fish, egg white, red meat, green leafy vegetables. Difficult to identify trace vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Load yourself with B12 and folic acid. They are water soluble and have no toxicity.[healthmagic.gq]
  • Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy were performed in those patients in whom no explanation for the anemia was found. They were later followed at 3 to 6 month intervals.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • Bone marrow, aspirate, and core biopsy: Mildly hypocellular marrow (20%-30% cellularity) with trilinear hematopoiesis.[justanswer.com]
  • […] platelets that are evident on peripheral smear and blood counts -The presence of multiple cell line depression is an indication of possible ... cell or early lineage damage Decreased RBC Production: Hypoplasia or aplasia -When pancytopenia is present, ... aspiration[cram.com]
  • Correct interpretation of the results eliminates the need for bone marrow aspiration in the majority of cases. Title Anaemia in rheumatoid arthritis: pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment.[arthritis.co.za]
Nasal Congestion
  • At the beginning of January I started experiencing sleep maintenance insomnia, extreme fatigue, lethargy, clouded consciousness, apathy, bilateral parasthesia of the legs, facial hot flashes, supine nasal congestion, recurring sinusitis, and anxiety.[healthmagic.gq]
Joint Swelling
  • Rounds 31 years old patient present with lower limb swelling and calf muscle stiffness,bilater knee joint swelling and pain b fatiguability ,epigastric pain and anorexia, investigation done :High ESR , CRP and positive RF ..see CBC below . next Hb deteriorated[dailyrounds.org]
  • Patients with Hypochromic Anemia may have a distinct green skin tinge, and other symptoms include lack of energy, shortness of breath, dyspepsia, headaches, and amenorrhea.[novusbio.com]
  • Contra-indications for erythropoetin treatment include uncontrolled hypertension. [ 7 ] Potential side-effects of erythropoetin include increase in blood pressure or aggravation of hypertension, headache, increase in platelet count, influenza-like symptoms[patient.info]
  • Clinical Picture Symptoms: general symptoms of anaemia as; easy fatigability, headache, dyspnoea, palpitation. Signs: Pallor which can be detected in the face, palm of the hand, nail bed and mucus membranes of the mouth and conjunctiva.[gfmer.ch]
  • I neglected to mention in March my folate and B12 were both in the top 2/3 range. All of my nutritional values have been normal, except a decrease in HDL from 41 to 30.[healthmagic.gq]
Extrapyramidal Symptoms
  • Normocytic Hypochromic & Normocytic Normochromic anemia 98 terms AG-ACNP - Heme/Onc OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR 8 terms Extrapyramidal Symptoms 41 terms Nephritic & nephrotic syndromes THIS SET IS OFTEN IN FOLDERS WITH... 15 terms Hema 3 (Gulick - Megaloblastic[quizlet.com]
Responsiveness Decreasing
  • Decreased production of EPO Anemia of chronic disease: investigations Iron studies - Ferritin increase - Transferrin decrease - Iron decrease - TIBC normal or increase MCV no change or low Inappropriately low EPO due to decreased responsiveness to EPO[quizlet.com]


  • An initial anemia workup includes CBC, iron, and ferritin testing to determine the underlying cause of the disease.[arupconsult.com]
  • The doctor may also decide to take some other screening blood tests that might identify the cause of fatigue; glucose levels, ESR, ferritin, renal function tests and electrolytes may be part of such a workup.[copacabanarunners.net]
  • Routine workup of the patient with anemia, advise: Hemoglobin and hematocrit. Red blood cell count. Blood indices. peripheral blood smear. Reticulocyte count. White blood cells count and platelets count.[labpedia.net]
  • A bowel workup may be required if the patient has iron deficiency. I get more likely to investigate if the anemia is under 9-10 g/dl, but will investigate earlier if there has been a change compared to a previously known baseline level.[arthritis.co.za]
  • MRI showed small, left frontal lobe gliosis. ENT found no cause for my daily sinus congestion. Since September I have normocytic, normochromic anemia with Hemoglobin at 12.7, RBC at 4.48, and a hematocrit of 37.5.[healthmagic.gq]


  • Treatment of aplastic anemia is a twofold process.[britannica.com]
  • Treatment with recombinant erythropoietin increased their hemoglobin and hematocrit levels. These common points have a possibility to be brought about by tubulointerstitial damage and microangiopathy may be involved in it.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • […] evidenced as atypical bone marrow and blood differential; requires treatment of the underlying disorder Treatment of Disorders of Hyperplastic Bone Marrow: Withdraw methotrexate or other DNA synthesis ... if present When related to confirmed myelodysplasia[cram.com]
  • This would be helpful if your anemia is from kidney problems, cancer, or due to the treatments you are receiving for them. If your anemia is getting out of control you may need a blood transfusion.[newhealthguide.org]


  • The prognosis of these patients is excellent.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • […] lymphocytes live a long time) Normochromic, normocytic RBCs (may be slightly macrocytic) Mild to moderate anisocytosis and poikilocytosis Decreased reticulocyte count Hypocellular bone marrow with 70% yellow marrow Treatment – in untreated cases the prognosis[slideplayer.com]
  • Prognosis By treating the underlying condition, white blood cell counts usually return to normal Resources BOOKS Holland, Steven M., and John I. Gallin. "Disorders of Granulocytes and Monocytes."[encyclopedia.com]
  • Prognosis Untreated anaemia of CKD is strongly associated with cardiovascular and renal complications, resulting in increased hospitalisations and mortality.Therefore, correcting anaemia is considered an important part of slowing or even stopping the[patient.info]
  • Effect on pregnancy: ß-Thalassaemia major is rarely encountered in pregnant women, but if this happened the prognosis is poor. Anaemia becomes severe in mid-pregnancy and may result in heart failure.[gfmer.ch]


  • In rare instances it is the result of abnormal hormonal stimulation of stem cell proliferation or the result of a defective bone marrow microenvironment or from cellular or humoral immunosuppression of hematopoiesis. 5 Aplastic anemia Etiology Acquired[slideplayer.com]
  • Etiology TABLE 2: ETIOLOGICAL CLASSIFICATION OF ANAEMIA Blood loss: Acute Chronic Decreased iron assimilation: Nutritional deficiency Hypoplastic or aplastic anemia Bone marrow infiltration like leukemia & other malignancies, myelodysplastic syndrome[pediatriconcall.com]
  • ., quite different underlying conditions responsible Etiologies: ... loss Hemolysis ... production Underlying conditions: -Post-hemorrhagic anemia -Hemolytic anemia -Sickle cell, RBC membrane, or enzymatic defect causing anemia -Anemia of ... disorders[cram.com]
  • Etiology of anemia in primary hypothyroid subjects in a tertiary care center in Eastern India. Indian J Endocr Metab [serial online] 2012 [cited 2019 May 13];16, Suppl S2:361-3.[ijem.in]
  • Amenia classification on the basis of etiology: Increased RBCs destruction due to intra or extra red blood cells defects. Increased blood loss which may acute or chronic. Defective RBCs formation due to Lake of factors necessary for erythropoiesis.[labpedia.net]


  • The pathogenesis, epidemiological and clinical characteristics of normocytic normochromic anemia of unknown cause are not well established.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • Methods Statistics Trigonometry Medical & Nursing Anatomy Anesthesiology Audiology Bacteriology Biochemistry Bioethics Biomedical Science Cardiology Cardiovascular Childbirth Chiropractic Dentistry Dermatology Diagnostic Imaging Drugs Endocrinology Epidemiology[brainscape.com]
  • It covers the following: epidemiology diagnostic criteria clinical... Primary Liver Cancer In most cases, hepatocellular carcinoma develops in patients with chronic liver disease (70-90% of all patients).[evidence.nhs.uk]
  • Epidemiology Studies of patients with CKD have shown that the prevalence of anaemia (defined as a haemoglobin level less than 12 g/dL in men and postmenopausal women and less than 11 g/dL in premenopausal women) is about 12%. [ 3 ] The National Health[patient.info]
Sex distribution
Age distribution


  • The disease is characterized by peripheral pancytopenia and accompanied by a hypocellular bone marrow. 3 Hypocellular bone marrow in aplastic anemia 4 Aplastic anemia Pathophysiology: The primary defect is a reduction in or depletion of hematopoietic[slideplayer.com]
  • These particular diseases are covered either because they are common or because they illustrate important pathophysiologic features (or both). A.[web2.iadfw.net]
  • Some authors have subdivided ACD into separate categories according to differing pathophysiology. The anemia of chronic renal failure results from an absolute deficiency of erythropoietin.[ahcmedia.com]


  • Rh isoimmunization can be prevented if an Rh negative mother is given an intramuscular injection of anti Rho(D) immune globulin within 72 hours of the birth of an Rh positive baby or in any situation in which significant fetal maternal hemorrhage may[quizlet.com]
  • The best way to prevent microcytic anemia is to get enough iron in your diet. Increasing your vitamin C intake can also help your body absorb more iron. You can also consider taking a daily iron supplement.[healthline.com]
  • Abnormalities of Fe mobilization from marrow stores are also recognized which may prevent reutilization of Fe salvaged from dead RBCs.[med-ed.virginia.edu]
  • Epoetin beta is also used for the prevention of anaemia in preterm neonates of low birth weight. Darbepoetin: Is a hyperglycosylated derivative of epoetin which has a longer half-life and may be administered less frequently than epoetin.[patient.info]
  • Labs During an episode retic count and indirect bilirubin will be elevated Peripheral smear Bite cells Heinz bodies Reduced levels of G6PD between hemolytic episodes Treatment Episodes are self limited so treatment is supportive Prevention is key.[physicianassistantexamreview.com]

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