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Accessory breasts


  • It occurs in the milk line, most often in the axila but may also be present outside of this area. Clinical manifestation of polymastia is due to sex hormones, especially during puberty, pregnancy and lactation.[unboundmedicine.com]
  • Case reports Case 1 A 21-year-old female presented with the swelling below her left breast since 3 years. On examination, swelling had an underdeveloped nipple and areola, which patient mentioned to be present since birth.[ccij-online.org]
  • Indian J Dermatol 2007;52:118-20 We present a case of 30-year-old, primigravida, presenting with lipomatous swelling in both axillae.[e-ijd.org]
Axillary Lymphadenopathy
  • An impression of space occupying lesion in the EBT with axillary lymphadenopathy (BIRAD-5) was given [Figure 4] a. Both breasts were normal. FNAC confirmed the diagnosis of malignancy.[ccij-online.org]
  • Found in conditions varying from quite rapidly flowing water to those in which silt falls out of suspension. "From tidal pools to 2300m". Distribution: "Arctic; Atlantic coasts of Europe and N. America; never found in the Mediterranean."(?)[habitas.org.uk]
  • Found in conditions varying from quite rapidly flowing water to those in which silt falls out of suspension. Depth range: From tidal pools to 2300 m, common from 15 m downwards.[species-identification.org]
  • Class VIII consists of a patch of hair only (polythelia pilosa). [5] The present case 1 belongs to class I and case 2 and case 3 fall in class IV category.[ccij-online.org]
  • Rarely, papillae may collapse to lie fully extended over the surface, resembling floppy straps. This is a condition typical of preserved specimens, but can occur when an individual is stressed. Confirmation is needed.[species-identification.org]
  • They also have been associated with supernumerary kidneys, renal agenesis, renal malignancies, pyloric stenosis, epilepsy, and cardiac abnormalities due to corresponding development of mammary tissue and the genitourinary system. [6] While aberrant breast[ccij-online.org]
  • , pregnancy or lactation and are often noticed due to hormonal stimulation causing psychological and cosmetic impact as in our first case. [7] However, clinical significance lies in the fact that it is at a risk of developing breast diseases such as inflammation[ccij-online.org]
  • Polymastie 180 millions of speakers Translator English - Japanese polymastia 130 millions of speakers Translator English - Korean polymastia 85 millions of speakers Translator English - Javanese Polymastia 85 millions of speakers Translator English - Vietnamese[educalingo.com]


  • Further research is needed to more deeply understand this phenomenon and its associations and to refine appropriate clinical workup in such cases.[ispub.com]
  • The aquatic females also suggest the life, death and regeneration of coral polyps, which grow on the skeletons of their predecessors. Oka Doner has cast dozens of life-size figures inspired by ocean coral within the last ten years.[decordova.org]


  • Suzanne Klimberg, and William J Gradishar, includes the latest innovations in breast cancer detection and treatment in a practical, easy-to-use format ideal for today’s surgeons.[books.google.ro]
  • Polymastia Treatment Most cases of accessory breasts do not require any special treatment, but can be removed due to aesthetic reasons.[breast-plastic-surgery.org]
  • This requires no treatment, just reassurance. ...Read more[healthtap.com]
  • Treatment The best treatment is to surgically remove it. You can also apply liposuction to remove it. Today’s post was on the accessory breast. I hope the details have helped you understand it. Thank you for reading.[drleebreast.blogspot.com]


  • Carcinoma arising from EBT has a poorer prognosis and needs early diagnosis and treatment. [ FULL TEXT ] [ PDF ]*[ccij-online.org]
  • Treatment and prognosis No treatment is required in the vast majority of cases.[radiopaedia.org]


  • Remember to remove all internal glandular tissue, along with any surface features, to prevent potential problems and health issues in the future.[breast-plastic-surgery.org]
  • The resulting defect, consisting not only of the missing breast tissue but also of a lack of skin preventing expansion of the breast mound, was reconstructed with a deep inferior epigastric artery perforator flap.[journals.lww.com]
  • When a diagnosis of symptomatic accessory breast is made, preventive resection of accessory breast may be the treatment of choice.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]

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