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Postviral Syndrome

Postviral (asthenic) Syndrome


  • Its implementation is based on analysing how often the term «postviral syndrome» appears in digitalised printed sources in English between the year 1500 and the present day.[educalingo.com]
  • In order to be ready to present an initial version of ICD-11 to the WHA assembly in May 2018, the draft will need to be finalized by the end of 2017.[dxrevisionwatch.com]
  • The range of presenting symptoms is wide; fatigue and pain may not always be the prominent disabling features at initial presentation.[patient.info]
  • Many features of the syndrome point to hysteria and altered medical perception as causes but much evidence for organic disease is also presented. Current interest focuses on recent or persisting infection with Coxsackie viruses.[bjgp.org]
  • […] speakers Translator English - Vietnamese hội chứng postviral 80 millions of speakers Translator English - Tamil பிந்தைய வைரஸ் நோய்க்குறி 75 millions of speakers Translator English - Marathi पोस्टविलनल सिंड्रोम 75 millions of speakers Translator English - Turkish[educalingo.com]
  • In other languages: French Italian Portuguese Romanian German Dutch Swedish Russian Polish Czech Greek Turkish Chinese Japanese Korean Arabic[wordreference.com]
  • 180 millions of speakers Translator English - Japanese ウイルス感染後症候群 130 millions of speakers Translator English - Korean postviral 증후군 85 millions of speakers Translator English - Javanese Sindrom pasca virus 85 millions of speakers Translator English - Vietnamese[educalingo.com]
Excessive Daytime Sleepiness
  • daytime sleepiness Postviral fatigue syndrome Index to Diseases and Injuries References found for the code G93.3 in the Index to Diseases and Injuries: - Akureyri's disease - G93.3 - Disease, diseased - See Also: Syndrome; - Iceland - G93.3 - Encephalomyelitis[icdlist.com]
  • […] psychogenic ... 10 Campbell's Psychiatric Dictionary ... victim. postural hypotension See OH. postural tremors See tremor. posturing Posing or adopting a physical stance, usually inappropriate to the situation or too -long maintained; characteristic of catatonia[educalingo.com]
  • Rosenhall U, Johansson G, Orndahl G (1987) (a) Eye motility dysfunction in chronic primary fibromyalgia with dysesthesia. Scand J Rehab Med 19:139–145 Google Scholar 30.[link.springer.com]


  • They did a similar workup and (blood, ekg) but also did a CT of my head. All again came back clean.[medhelp.org]
  • This results in the ambiguous symptoms and lack of objective findings found in these patients along with normal laboratory findings despite extensive medical workups.[drlam.com]


  • A thorough physical and mental status exam Blood, urine or other tests What are the treatments for chronic fatigue syndrome? There is no cure or approved treatment for CFS, but you may be able to treat or manage some of your symptoms.[icdlist.com]
  • ,Chronic fatigue syndrome treatment ,Treatment chronic fatigue syndrome ME treatment ,Treatment ME , Post viral fatigue treatment ,Chronic fatigue syndrome treatment ,Treatment chronic fatigue syndrome Treatment ME ME treatment Treatment ME Treatment[thebodymindprogramme.com]
  • […] psychiatric treatment against their will.[dxrevisionwatch.com]
  • Once we've approved your claim, you'll get the private treatment you need. 3 And we’ll pay for treatment After you've been treated, send us your invoices.[aviva.co.uk]
  • Chronic fatigue sufferers generally seek alternative treatments because modern medical treatment options are few and far between, and often come with heavy side effects.[acupuncturesydneyclinic.com.au]


  • "Incidence, risk and prognosis of acute and chronic fatigue syndromes and psychiatric disorders after glandular fever". The British Journal of Psychiatry: The Journal of Mental Science. 173 : 475–481. ISSN 0007-1250. PMID 9926075.[me-pedia.org]
  • Guillain–Barré syndrome: pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. Nature Reviews Neurology , vol 10. doi:10.1038/nrneurol.2014.121. Available online at through . Accessed August 21, 2015.[labtestsonline.it]
  • The prognosis and clinical course of the disorder vary considerably. Some patients recover to the extent that they are able to continue virtually normal activities, with periodic ME symptoms.[patient.info]
  • What is the outlook (prognosis)? In most cases, the condition has a fluctuating course. There may be times when symptoms are not too bad, and times when symptoms flare up and become worse (a setback).[centreforcomphealth.co.uk]
  • For those who can connect their fatigue with a definite viral event, the prognosis of a natural recovery, without intervention, tends to be better than chronic fatigue caused by other means.[acupuncturesydneyclinic.com.au]


  • (from semin neurol 1998;18(2):237-42; ann intern med 1994 dec 15;121(12): 953-9) A syndrome of unknown etiology.[icd10data.com]
  • Definition (NCI) A syndrome of unknown etiology.[fpnotebook.com]
  • There are many controversial hypotheses about the etiology of CFS. It is often postinfectious and associated with immunologic disturbances. The typical case of CFS arises suddenly in a previously active individual.[atlanta-acupuncture.net]
  • "Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome — Etiology and Pathophysiology". 2018-07-10. Cleare AJ (March 2004). "The HPA axis and the genesis of chronic fatigue syndrome".[en.wikipedia.org]


  • Mantel Epidemiology of persistent cough [3.] C. Di Pede, G. Viegi, J.J. Quackenboss, P. Boyer-Pfersdorf, M.D.[archbronconeumol.org]
  • Congenital cytomegalovirus infection: review of the epidemiology and outcome. Obstet Gynecol Surv. 2002; 57 :245–256. [ PubMed ] [ Google Scholar ] 8. Fowler KB, Stagno S, Pass RF.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • International Journal of Epidemiology. 38 (6): 1554–70. doi : 10.1093/ije/dyp147. PMID 19349479. "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Basic Facts". Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. May 9, 2006. Retrieved 2008-02-07.[en.wikipedia.org]
  • 1.1 The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD) is the standard diagnostic classification of diseases for use in epidemiology, health management, clinical practice and reimbursement.[dxrevisionwatch.com]
  • Epidemiology ME is not uncommon but the true prevalence is unknown and depends on the criteria used for diagnosis [ 3 ].[patient.info]
Sex distribution
Age distribution


  • It should be categorized in the Signs and Symptoms chapter given the lack of clear evidence pointing to the etiology and pathophysiology of this syndrome until evidence to organ placement is clarified in years to come.”[dxrevisionwatch.com]
  • […] research and clinical experience that strongly pointed to widespread inflammation and multisystemic neuropathology, it was considered to be more appropriate and correct to use the term 'myalgic encephalomyelitis' (ME) because this indicates an underlying pathophysiology[patient.info]
  • "Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome — Etiology and Pathophysiology". 2018-07-10. Cleare AJ (March 2004). "The HPA axis and the genesis of chronic fatigue syndrome".[en.wikipedia.org]
  • The participants’ experiences add an important lifeworld perspective to the pathophysiological underpinnings and to quantitative studies on functional status that show that functional capacity is significantly lower than the general population or other[bmcfampract.biomedcentral.com]


  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Chronic fatigue syndrome (Medical Encyclopedia) [ Read More ][icdlist.com]
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.[icd10data.com]
  • It also has impressive immune system-boosting effects, working to prevent bacterial and viral infections. Astragalus shortens the recovery period after illness or surgery, preventing the compounded weakness of illness and CFS.[organicfacts.net]
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. March 10, 2006. Retrieved 2016-05-04. Dinos S, Khoshaba B, Ashby D, White PD, Nazroo J, Wessely S, Bhui KS (December 2009).[en.wikipedia.org]
  • Prevention Because the cause of CFS is not known, there currently are no recommendations for preventing the disorder.[medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com]

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