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Prunus Avium

Wild Cherry Bark


  • Here, we present the characterization of a major allergen in cherry. METHODS: Characterization was performed using IgE immunoblotting and immunoblot inhibition, N-terminal sequencing, mass spectroscopy analysis and PCR-based cDNA cloning.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • Phenological Growth Stages According to BBCH Scale Abstract The study present the detail descriptions of the stages of stone fruits growth, Prunus avium and Prunus persica, according to the BBCH scale.[journals.usamvcluj.ro]
  • Basisdaten description: The Wild cherry is present across North Africa, Europe to the Near East. For cherries typical are the two clearly seeing nectar glands on the petiole.[tree-guide.com]
  • Burgundy Fruit Description: Fleshy, yellow or red, with a large pit (stone) Flowers: Flower Color: White Flower Petals: 4-5 petals/rays Flower Description: 1-few in a rounded cluster, 5-parted Leaves: Leaf Type: Simple Leaf Arrangement: Alternate Hairs Present[plants.ces.ncsu.edu]
  • Inheritance of microsatellites was checked for the genotypes with known pedigree and whose parental genotypes were present in our collection. In all cases, bands present in the progeny were always present in at least one of the parental genotypes.[nature.com]
  • […] kerseboom Dutch agriota Portuguese cerdeira Portuguese cerejeira Portuguese cerejeira-brava Portuguese körsbärträd Swedish sötkörsbär Swedish オウトウ Japanese ôtô Japanese черешня Russian sødkirsebær Danish søtkirsebær Norwegian imeläkirsikka Finnish kiraz Turkish[gd.eppo.int]
Heat Intolerance
  • Comments Sweet cherry is considered one of the most difficult fruit trees to grow because of its disease susceptibility and heat intolerance. Trees located in USDA hardiness zone 9, and below 4000' elevation, produce few or no flowers and fruit.[gardenoracle.com]
Thin Skin
  • Product details 28.00 Out of Stock Black Republican (Conventional) Intensively flavored, sweet and meaty, tender thin skinned and crisp medium-large purplish black cherries are abundantly produced and ripen late season.[rollingrivernursery.com]


  • Deeply dormant treat as Acer campestre but start treatment as soon as collected for planting following April. Approx 4000 seeds per kg. Can be grown from cuttings from young trees. Timber Reddish brown wood.[web.archive.org]
  • This has been used as an inhalant in the treatment of persistent coughs.[naturalmedicinalherbs.net]
  • Whole cherries were submitted to chemical peeling, thermal treatment, and syruping processes, and the relative protein extracts were analyzed by in vitro (sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and immunoblotting analysis) and in vivo[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • A decoction is used in the treatment of cystitis, oedema, bronchial complaints, looseness of the bowels and anaemia, amongst other treatments.[candidegardening.com]
  • This has been used as an inhalant in the treatment of persistent coughs[7].[pfaf.org]


  • Netting or nylon mesh can be used, if necessary, to prevent birds from stealing the crop. Cold winter temperatures and spring frosts can cause significant injury to buds/flowers, almost to the same extent as with peaches.[missouribotanicalgarden.org]
  • […] flavonoids, melatonin, vitamins A, B, C, E Health benefits: Relieves muscles and joints pains and inflammations Helps sleep Cools off the body Regulates blood pressure and heart rate Protects against damage of free radicals Improves and strengthens eyesight Prevents[aroma.bg]
  • If the trunk or branches are exposed to full sun, apply citrus tree paint to prevent sunscald. Propagation: Cuttings grafted onto rootstock. Can be grown from seed to produce a very large tree.[gardenoracle.com]
  • The latter prevents new bud to break or delays their growth if they are at an advanced stage. Thus, only a low proportion of buds start to grow.[popups.uliege.be]

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