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Pulsatilla Vulgaris

Anemone Pulsatilla


  • Datamining 2011 - Invasive Species Databases Denmark Present Datamining 2011 - Invasive Species Databases France Present Datamining 2011 - Invasive Species Databases Germany Present Datamining 2011 - Invasive Species Databases Hungary Present Datamining[cabi.org]
  • The reserve is the main site in Bedfordshire for the pasqueflower (Pulsatilla vulgaris), and in some years over a thousand flowers are present.[diki.pl]
  • The patient must be evaluated by urology within 3-7 days of presentation. This follow-up is mandatory, as a testicular tumor occasionally is the true cause of the symptoms.[abchomeopathy.com]
  • Presents authoritative and credible safety information from two experienced herbal practitioners.[books.google.ro]
  • Trim off any tails from seeds if present. After sowing, seal in a polythene bag and leave at 13-18 C (55-65F) pre-chill for 3-6 weeks before returning to specified temperature. Keep the compost moist but not too wet at all times.[thompson-morgan.com]
  • Distribution The distribution map is currently disabled. A new map solution will soon become available. In the meantime, please consult other species distribution map providers listed in the Other resources panel below.[eunis.eea.europa.eu]
  • When spring arrives a lot of these stems have collapsed and started to rot down but any that haven’t should be trimmed and removed at this time.[bents.co.uk]
  • Flatulence. Dislikes butter ( Sang ). Heartburn. Dyspepsia, with great tightness after a meal; must loosen clothing. Thirstlessness, with nearly all complaints. Vomiting of food eaten long before. Pain in stomach an hour after eating ( Nux ).[homeoint.org]
  • One of its common names, the pasque flower, is also applied to Anemone patens a plant known to cause contact dermatitis.[thepoisongarden.co.uk]
  • Pliny used pasque flower as a topical painkiller, but this plant is a member of the buttercup family, one of the most poisonous, and the sap is enough of an irritant that for sensitive people, just touching the plant can cause dermatitis, especially if[alchemy-works.com]
  • Pasque Flower Of all the flushes of new growth and bright flowers of spring, Pulsatillas are my favorite harbinger of this vibrant season.[roguevalleynursery.com]
  • In contrast to the upper surface, a petal’s lower surface is extremely hirsute! Note the darker red spots, and three-dimensional radial veining, visible on the petal shown below.[microscopy-uk.org.uk]
  • It is said to grow better in alkaline soil but tests proved it is not fussy about soil pH. All parts of the plants may cause severe discomfort if eaten. Hardy to about -34 C (USDA zone 4).[havlis.cz]
  • Amsonia hubrichtii flower reliably year after year, they are not pushy or invasive, are rarely fussy about soil or situation and they are very hardy.[seedaholic.com]
  • 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 Grieve. A Modern Herbal. Penguin ISBN 0-14-046-440-9 (1984-00-00) ? 5.0 5.1 5.2 5.3 Stuart. M. (Editor) The Encyclopedia of Herbs and Herbalism Orbis Publishing. London. ISBN 0-85613-067-2 (1979-00-00) ? 6.0 6.1 Uphof. J. C. Th.[practicalplants.org]


  • In homeopathy, the plant is considered to be specific in the treatment of measles. It is also used for treating nettle rash, toothache, earache and bilious indigestion.[naturalmedicinalherbs.net]
  • In homeopathy, the plant is considered to be specific in the treatment of measles[244]. It is also used for treating nettle rash, toothache, earache and bilious indigestion[244]. Other Uses Dye. A green dye is obtained from the flowers[238].[pfaf.org]
  • In homeopathy, the plant is considered to be specific in the treatment of measles [8]. It is also used for treating nettle rash, toothache, earache and bilious indigestion [8].[practicalplants.org]


  • Jacob Tabernaemontanus (1522–1590), another German doctor and botanist, recommended the Pasque flower for the same conditions, but added fever and prevention of dropsy. Pulsatilla is a protected species![terramedica.de]
  • ., who used it largely in his practice, its most important. use is to allay irritation of the nervous system in persons of feeble health, thus giving sleep and rest, preventing unnecessary expenditure of nerve force, and, by this means, facilitating the[henriettes-herb.com]

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