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Secondary Entropion


  • It is uncommon for an orbital foreign body to present with isolated eyelid involvement. We report a rare presentation of an intraorbital foreign body presenting as a lower lid entropion in a 7-year-old boy. 2.[scirp.org]
  • Case presentation A 74-year-old Caucasian man presented to the ophthalmology outpatient clinic with a five-day history of a heavy and sore right eye.[jmedicalcasereports.biomedcentral.com]
  • The international team of expert editors and contributors present coverage of the latest surgical developments and video demonstrations of key techniques across subspecialties, including cataract, cornea, refractive, glaucoma, oculoplastic, extra-ocular[books.google.com]
  • Secondary entropion Timecourse Most cases of primary entropion present before 6 months of age. Occasionally, some cases present 12 months. Entropion in the Shar Pei can present as early as 2 weeks.[vetstream.com]
  • Presentation. Infants present with a sticky non-infected and non-red eye. Both sides may be affected.[patient.info]
  • Foreign body identified as a stone. patients may be completely asymptomatic. It is likely that the initial discomfort experienced by the patient stemmed from the associated conjunctival wound.[scirp.org]
  • Cicatricial entropion caused by asymptomatic allergic conjunctivitis . Orbit 1999; 18 : 211–215. 5. Lass JH , Thoft RA , Dohlman CH . Idoxuridine-induced conjunctival cicatrization . Arch Ophthalmol 1983; 101 : 747–750. 6. D’Ostroph AO , Dailey RA .[nature.com]
  • It may be asymptomatic or the patient may complain of irritation, tearing (eye rubbing will make the ectropion worse) and irritation a red eye. Rarely, there will be complaints relating to exposure keratopathy (dry cornea). Assessment.[patient.info]
  • Interestingly, the kind of injury sustained in this patient, i.e. a foreign body embedded in the inferior orbital rim and causing a fracture, is usually associated with high velocity injuries and thus greater visual disability [13].[scirp.org]
  • Michitomo Yamaguchi, Toru Nakata, Takeshi Okamoto, Hiroaki Kikuch: “An Accessible CAPTCHA System for People with Visual Disability – Generation of Human/Computer Distinguish Test with Documents on the Net,” Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction[staff.aist.go.jp]
  • Shingles occurring in the first division of the trigeminal nerve gives rise to the characteristic unilateral maculopapular rash, often associated with marked pain and systemic malaise (may last up to one week prior to the development of the rash) and[patient.info]
Vascular Disease
  • Master the latest advances in ophthalmology: radical changes in the management of macular disease, including the widespread introduction of VEGF inhibitor therapy; recent developments in the investigation and treatment of retinal vascular disease; new[books.google.com]
  • The patient was assessed further by the oral-maxillary-facial team, who decided that no internal fixation was required for the inferior orbital rim fracture.[scirp.org]
  • Options for upper eyelid entropion repair include marginal rotation, tarsal fracture, and mucous membrane grafting. Usually, mucous membrane grafting is the surgery of last resort.[aosplasticsurgery.com]
  • The tarsal fracture operation is useful in cases of mild to moderate cicatricial entropion (marginal entropion) in the upper or lower eyelid ( Fig 11-8 ).[aao.org]
  • Surgical techniques include eyelid wedge resection, horizontal blepharotomy, tarsal fracturing and eyelid splitting. 15 Surgical or radiosurgical splitting of the lid margin allows for direct access to the lash follicles, which can then be efficiently[reviewofophthalmology.com]
  • Disruption of both marginal and peripheral arcades might have induced avascular necrosis and segmental blepharoptosis in the region of tarsal fracture.[nature.com]
  • In cases where there is an associated fracture of the orbital floor, limitation of ocular movement with diplopia usually occurs, mainly due to inferior rectus entrapment and rarely, from nerve injury or muscle contusion [4].[scirp.org]
Eye Irritation
  • The left eye irritation resolved spontaneously, and the vision was good, with no double vision. However, after three days, the mother noticed that the left lower lid appeared to be inverted.[scirp.org]
  • irritation impaired vision sensitivity to light and the wind redness of the lid and/or conjunctiva Management of Ectropion Artificial tears and lubricating ointments can be used to moisten the cornea to prevent dryness.[eyeassociatesoftallahassee.com]
  • Redness of the of your eye, Eye irritation or pain, Watery eyes (excessive tearing), Mucous discharge and eyelid crusting, Decreased vision.[omicsonline.org]
  • Early clues giving rise to a clinical suspicion of an intraorbital foreign body include eyeball displacement, persistent inflammation and conjunctival chemosis.[scirp.org]
Conjunctival Disease
  • Shrinkage of the posterior lamella of the eyelid, usually due to one of several conjunctival diseases, can cause cicatricial entropion.[nature.com]
  • One patient developed medial side blepharoptosis secondary to lid margin avascular necrosis requiring ptosis repair 6 months later.[nature.com]
  • You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.[commons.wikimedia.org]
  • It is an appropriate choice when troublesome eyelashes are few and scattered, and when they are not secondary to an inflammatory condition.6 The argon beam is generally titrated based on the pigmentation of the cilia, with suggested laser settings varying[reviewofophthalmology.com]
  • Conclusions The study findings suggest modified tarsotomy is effective for the correction of severe cicatricial entropion. Introduction Entropion is inward turning of lid margin resulting in ciliocorneal contact and associated keratopathy.[nature.com]
  • (Cutaneous involvement of the tip of the nose suggests an increased likelihood of ocular complications, as this area is served by the first division of the nerve: this is called Hutchinson's sign.)[patient.info]
  • Although your suggestion of waiting was hard to hear, I know in my heart it was the best choice for me. My life has not been an easy one since my last surgery, and I want to thank you for giving me hope for the future. Lauren G.[oculoplastic.info]
  • PubMed Google Scholar Koc F, Kavuncu S, Kansu T, Acaroglu G, Firat E: The sensitivity and specificity of 0.5% apraclonidine in the diagnosis of oculosympathetic paresis. Br J Ophthalmol. 2005, 89 (11): 1442-4. 10.1136/bjo.2005.074492.[jmedicalcasereports.biomedcentral.com]
Frequency of Micturition
  • Eight days prior to presentation to the eye clinic, our patient consulted a urologist with complaints of frequency of micturition and had been started on tamsulosin (Flomaxtra XL) 0.4 mg once a day with good response.[jmedicalcasereports.biomedcentral.com]


  • His past medical history included paroxysmal atrial fibrillation and hypercholesterolemia. Other regular medications included oxazepam, clopidogrel, lanzoprazole, flecainide acetate and sildenafil.[jmedicalcasereports.biomedcentral.com]


  • We report a case of lower lid entropion that may be related to a patient commencing treatment of tamsulosin.[jmedicalcasereports.biomedcentral.com]
  • Master the latest advances in ophthalmology: radical changes in the management of macular disease, including the widespread introduction of VEGF inhibitor therapy; recent developments in the investigation and treatment of retinal vascular disease; new[books.google.com]
  • Surgical steps for treatment of entropion and trichiasis. Русский: Заворот века и трихиаз при трахоме 4й стадии. Коньюктивит, кератит. Госпиталь, период Второй Мировой Войны.[commons.wikimedia.org]
  • The treatment of entropion is not addressed in this article. Rather, we will discuss the treatment of trichiasis in well-positioned eyelid margins, or in lids after entropion correction.[reviewofophthalmology.com]
  • If the problem persists, the optometrist will refer the patient to the ophthalmologist, who may decide to remove the lashes by electrolysis, cryotherapy (freezing treatment) or laser treatment.[college-optometrists.org]


  • When the cause is autoimmune or inflammatory disease, the prognosis is guarded because of frequent disease progression; when the cause is prior surgery or trauma, the prognosis is generally good because the process tends to be localized and reversible[aao.org]
  • Prognosis : good. Print off the owner factsheet on Entropion Entropion to give to your client. Pathogenesis Predisposing factors General Genetic predisposition in facial conformation and eyelid support.[vetstream.com]
  • Prognosis is excellent if surgery is performed before the cornea is damaged.[en.wikipedia.org]
  • It is aggressive and has a poor prognosis with an overall mortality rate of 10% (although 67% in patients with metastases). A history of recurrent presumed chalazion or chronic unilateral blepharoconjunctivitis should raise suspicions.[patient.info]


  • It can also have a spastic etiology secondary to ocular irritation or blepharospasm. In some cases it can be congenital.[filereyemd.com]
  • Procedures for the repair of cicatricial entropion They will depend on the degree of scarring and entropion, the etiology of the cicatricial changes, and the status of the tarsal plate. [8, 9] Mild cases can be treated with a transverse blepharotomy with[emedicine.medscape.com]
  • Once the diagnosis of cicatricial entropion is made, the underlying etiology should be determined.[webeye.ophth.uiowa.edu]
  • […] nerve-junction problem, more difficult at end of day than beginning Myesthenia Gravis Clinical signs worsening of ptosis on upgaze, worsening of diplopia on sustained eye movement, no papillary abnormalities Myesthenia Gravis Diagnostic Tests Myesthenia Gravis Etiology[quizlet.com]
  • Choice of surgical approach is directed by the underlying etiologic factor(s).[omicsonline.org]


  • Although it is not a permanent solution and does not address the pathophysiologic contribution of horizontal lid laxity, it is a great temporizing solution for a problem presenting significant irritation to a patient.[healio.com]
  • Pathophysiology Primary entropion - anatomical. Secondary entropion - alteration in anatomical confirmation due to secondary factor.[vetstream.com]


  • Seite 290 - Antibiotic prophylaxis for the prevention of bacterial infections in cirrhotic patients with gastrointestinal bleeding: A meta-analysis. Hepatology 1999; 29: 1655-61 6. ‎[books.google.de]
  • Early diagnosis and surgical exploration where indicated can prevent complications which may be sight threatening or even permanent disfigurement.[scirp.org]
  • If eyelashes grow back, electrolysis or cryosurgery is more effective at permanently preventing recurrence. Click here for Patient Education NOTE: This is the Professional Version.[msdmanuals.com]
  • A small amount of the pretarsal orbicularis oculi can be resected concurrently to prevent further overriding of the tarsus.[emedicine.medscape.com]

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