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Secondary Syphilis of Skin

Secondary Syphilis of the Skin


  • The secondary stage of syphilis epitomizes the capacity of the infection to present in myriad ways. The skin, lymph glands and mucosal membranes are the most commonly affected tissues.[unboundmedicine.com]
  • Atypical presentations of primary genital syphilis in HIV-negative homosexually active men: a case series. Serb J Dermatol Venereol 2012;4:113-8. 17. Czelusta A, Yen-Moore A, Van der Straten M, Carrasco D, Tyring SK.[degruyter.com]
  • The amount of scale present is variable. Smaller lesions tend to have little visible scale, whereas larger lesions may be quite scaly.[streetdirectory.com]
  • Small, open sores may be present on mucous membranes . The sores may contain pus, or moist sores that look like warts may be present (condyloma lata). In dark-skinned people the sores may be a lighter color than the surrounding skin.[northshore.org]
  • Patients may present with CNS vascular insufficiency or outright stroke.[emedicine.medscape.com]
Congestive Heart Failure
  • See separate leaflets called Congestive Heart Failure and Anatomy of the heart for more details. Gummatous disease. Gummas are soft growths (tumours) caused by inflammation.[patient.info]
Mediastinal Lymphadenopathy
  • A contrast-enhanced CT scan showed presence of multiple axillary, hilar, and mediastinal lymphadenopathy ( Fig. 1 B), and bilateral and diffusely distributed pulmonary nodules with ground-glass density ( Fig. 1 C).[bjid.org.br]
  • Physical examination revealed tachypnea with normal breath sounds and a non-confluent maculo-papular rash in the trunk and extremities. No adenopathies, mucosal or palmo-plantar lesions were evident.[bjid.org.br]
Papular Rash
  • Physical examination revealed tachypnea with normal breath sounds and a non-confluent maculo-papular rash in the trunk and extremities. No adenopathies, mucosal or palmo-plantar lesions were evident.[bjid.org.br]
  • Antibiotic Desensitization Therapy in Secondary Syphilis and Listeria Infection: Case Reports and Review of Desensitization Therapy • • • • A 45-year-old male presented with a two month history of an erythematous, pruritic, maculo-papular rash initially[slideshare.net]
  • Blastomycosis (Medical Encyclopedia) Boils (Medical Encyclopedia) Candida infection of the skin (Medical Encyclopedia) Carbuncle (Medical Encyclopedia) Donovanosis (granuloma inguinale) (Medical Encyclopedia) Ecthyma (Medical Encyclopedia) Erysipelas[icdlist.com]
Rash of the Hands and Feet
  • Secondary syphilis (if the infection wasn't treated, usually a month after first contact) - a non-painful rash, especially on hands and feet; feeling generally unwell and tired; swollen glands; joint pains and warty lumps on the genitals.[patient.info]
Bony Swelling
  • Neurogenic arthropathy (Charcot joints), a painless joint degeneration with bony swelling and abnormal range of movement, is a classic manifestation of neuropathy.[msdmanuals.com]
Leg Pain
  • Full Text Case A 50-year-old healthy male was seen for a 6-week history of right leg pain, occasional dyspnea and extensive non-pruritic skin rash in trunk and extremities ( Fig. 1 A).[bjid.org.br]
Burning Sensation
  • Itching or burning sensations are usually absent.[dovemed.com]
  • The visual loss in her left eye was improving at follow-up with her ophthalmologist, while conjunctival injection, pain and burning sensation had completely subsided.[omicsonline.org]


  • Viral: Shingles, warts, and herpes simplex Fungal: Athlete's foot and yeast infections Parasitic: Body lice, head lice, and scabies Treatment of skin infections depends on the cause.[icdlist.com]
  • treatments for Late latent and Unknown Duration Syphilis Doxycycline 100mg PO BID x 4 weeks OR complication of PCN treatment in pregnancy Jarish Herxheimer Reaction "acute febrile reaction occuring after PCN treatment can occur at any stage (most common[quizlet.com]
  • Treatment of Syphilis FIGURE 1. Recommended approach to the treatment of syphilis.[aafp.org]
  • Treatment of the Rash of Secondary Syphilis The rash of secondary syphilis does not require any specific treatment because it does not usually cause any symptoms such as itching. The rash will resolve on its own with or without treatment.[skincare.lovetoknow.com]
  • This would provide confirmation of adequate treatment.[medicalnewstoday.com]


  • What Is The Prognosis? The treatment of syphilis with penicillin can resolve the infection. Patients should have blood tests to confirm that the infectious bacteria have been eliminated.[healthychildren.org]
  • Course and Prognosis The ulcer of primary syphilis (chancre) appears 2 to 3 weeks after exposure to an infected person.[streetdirectory.com]
  • Prognosis : The invention of penicillin has reduced the spread of Syphilis which can now be cured without causing permanent damage.[diseaseslab.com]
  • Prognosis With proper antibiotic treatment, early syphilis infection can be cured without causing permanent damage. Although later stages of syphilis also respond to antibiotics, treatment will not repair any organ damage caused by the disease.[drugs.com]
  • Syphilis Prognosis Primary, secondary, and early latent syphilis can be treated successfully with antibiotics. Late latency (more than 1 year after the secondary stage) is difficult to treat.[healthcommunities.com]


  • […] treatment of sex partners principle (for syphilis) syphilis is a reportable disease 70% of syphilis cases are in this population syphilus etiological agent "corkscrew shaped, motile microaerophilic bacterium can't be cultured in vitro cannot be viewed[quizlet.com]
  • (Etiology) Syphilis is a contagious bacterial infection that is transmitted through sex with an affected individual.[dovemed.com]
  • Acute syphilitic meningitis does not have any typical symptoms, the clinic is similar to meningitis of a different etiology. A person feels a headache of diffuse and arching nature, fever and vomiting without nausea and not bringing relief.[en.medicine-worlds.com]
  • […] traumatic ulcer, furuncle (boil), and aphthous ulcer. 12 A selected differential diagnosis is provided in Table 1. 12, 13 View/Print Table TABLE 1 Selected Differential Diagnosis of Genital Lesions Disorder or disease Characteristics of genital lesion Etiology[aafp.org]
  • Etiology T. pallidum is a motile, corkscrew-shaped spirochete. Spirochetes are gram negative and have a flagellar bundle running through their periplasmic space causing the cells to move in a corkscrew fashion. Its size varies from 6 to 20um.[dermatologyadvisor.com]


  • Recent trends in the epidemiology of STI in the European Union. Sex Transm Infect 2004;80:255-63. 8. Lacey HB, Higgins SP, Graham D. An outbreak of early syphilis: cases from North Manchester General Hospital. Sex Transm Infect 2001;77:311-3. 9.[degruyter.com]
  • Epidemiologic studies in San Francisco, Seattle and New York City, however, have not found an increase in HIV coincident with the significant growth of syphilis in those urban centers.[clinicaladvisor.com]
  • Syphilis in China from 2000 to 2013: epidemiological trends and characteristics. Chin J Dermatol 5, 6 (2014). 4. Chung, G., Kantor, G. R. & Whipple, S. Tertiary syphilis of the face.[nature.com]
  • Clinical and epidemiological features of study subjects. Table 1. Clinical and epidemiological features of study subjects. Cellular elements of innate and adaptive immunity in secondary syphilis skin lesions.[academic.oup.com]
  • Epidemiology The incidence of syphilis decreased significantly with the introduction of penicillin in the 1940s but rose sharply again with the advent of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection in the 1980s.[aafp.org]
Sex distribution
Age distribution


  • Precise understanding of the pathophysiology of syphilis is compromised by the inability to grow the spirochete in culture, and therefore it has been studied in animal models and in some controversial human studies, for example, the Tuskegee study in[clinicaladvisor.com]


  • Encyclopedia) RPR test (Medical Encyclopedia) Syphilis (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Syphilis - primary (Medical Encyclopedia) Syphilis and MSM (Men Who Have Sex with Men) (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) VDRL test (Medical[icdlist.com]
  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention: report of infectious diseases in Belgrade in 2014. Belgrade: City Institute of Public Health of Belgrade; 2015. p. 31-5. 6. 6. Bjekić M, Šipetić S.[degruyter.com]
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Syphilis Fact Sheet. Available online at . Accessed June 2009. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. STD surveillance, 2007. Available online at . Accessed August 2009. U.S.[labtestsonline.org]
  • External resources CDC National Prevention Information Network (NPIN) National Center for HIV, STD and TB Prevention P.O.[drugs.com]
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advise against the excessive use of alcohol and drugs.[wikihow.com]

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