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Thyroid Cyst with Hemorrhage


  • Goiter, which is commonly characterized with swelling and pain, is the most commonly presented condition.[hyperthyroidismsymptomsx.com]
  • Practice CMAJ September 21, 2010 182 (13) E632; DOI: A 72-year-old woman presented with a sudden onset of pain, swelling and bruising of her neck that had occurred two days prior to presentation.[cmaj.ca]
  • Case contributed by Dr Maulik S Patel Diagnosis certain Diagnosis certain Presentation Acute painful swelling on right side of neck. Patient Data Age: 56 Gender: Male From the case: Hemorrhagic thyroid cyst Ultrasound Loading images...[radiopaedia.org]
  • […] benign colloid nodule Cytology shows colloid material, benign follicular epithelial cells and hemosiderin laden macrophages Papillary carcinoma may show similar changes with only rare tumor cells in smear, diagnostic papillary tumor cells are often present[pathologyoutlines.com]
  • A sample of thyroid tissue is taken or your doctor can take out a lump if one is present. Some thyroid tissue may be sent to the laboratory during the biopsy to see whether it has cancer cells.[northshore.org]
Thyroid Nodule
  • Thyroid Nodule Menu What are thyroid nodules? A thyroid nodule is an unusual growth (lump) of thyroid cells in the thyroid gland.[my.clevelandclinic.org]
  • This article reviews the current techniques for sonographic evaluation of the thyroid and the imaging features of the various types of thyroid nodules. Thyroid nodules are a ubiquitous clinical problem.[radiologykey.com]
  • Approx. 5% of thyroid nodules are malignant, with papillary carcinoma being the most common. Thyroid hormone assay is the best initial test in the evaluation of thyroid nodules.[amboss.com]
  • What are thyroid nodules? Various problems can lead to thyroid nodules, which may feel like a lump in the throat. Thyroid nodules are lumps that develop in or around the thyroid gland. A person may have one or more nodules.[medicalnewstoday.com]
  • Ultrasound of the neck suggested that the thyroid nodule rupture was anteriorly located.[ejo.eg.net]
  • This is called a toxic nodular goiter. Colloid nodular goiters are also known as endemic goiters and are usually caused by inadequate iodine in diet.[uclahealth.org]
  • A goiter is known as a nodular goiter when it is caused by thyroid nodules and a diffuse goiter when nodules are not present. Risk Factors Women are more prone to thyroid disorders than men and, therefore, more likely to develop a goiter.[verywell.com]
  • The thyroid goiter has frequent sites of hemorrhage as the cause of these large cysts. These cysts occur in thyroid glands that are already abnormal with goiter formation. The cyst is never all alone in a normal thyroid gland.[thyroidnosurgery.com]
  • Endemic goiter is defined as thyroid enlargement in more than 10% of the population while sporadic goiter is a result of factors that do not affect the general population. Nontoxic goiter is more common in women than men. 3.1.[ocw.tufts.edu]
  • (non-toxic MNG) Multiple somatic mutations occur in long-standing goiters autonomous functioning of some nodules (toxic MNG) hyperthyroidism Clinical features : hyperthyroidism and multinodular goiter Diagnostics T3 with TSH Thyroid scintigraphy : shows[amboss.com]
  • “When I sneezed, it really hurt.” Her parents brought her to CHOP’s Emergency Department, where a thyroid ultrasound confirmed she had bled into the cystic portion of the nodule. She received antibiotics and pain medicine and returned home.[chop.edu]


  • Otherwise incidental finding of thyroid nodules found on the inpatient service can be deferred to outpatient workup and management.[clinicaladvisor.com]


  • […] utmost necessary to achieve a favorable treatment outcome.[hyperthyroidismsymptomsx.com]
  • Radioactive iodine treatment (RAI): With this treatment, you are given a dose of radioactive iodine, which shrinks the thyroid gland.[verywell.com]
  • If the goiter is producing too much thyroid hormone, treatment with radioactive iodine, antithyroid medication, or surgery may be necessary. Expectations (prognosis): The prognosis is good with treatment.[uclahealth.org]
  • Do I need treatment? Should I be tested again? When should I have more tests? I'm planning my next pregnancy. Should I have a thyroid function test? Edited: September 2017[hormone.org]
  • Patients with an asymptomatic euthyroid goitre can usually be observed without specific treatment.[racgp.org.au]


  • Expectations (prognosis): The prognosis is good with treatment. A persistent goiter may become toxic, causing symptoms of excess thyroid hormones to develop.[uclahealth.org]
  • Morphology and prognosis. Virchows Arch A Pathol Anat Histol. 1982, 396(1):19-39. 6. Rosai J, Cargangiu ML, Delellis LA. Tumors of the thyroid gland. In: Rosai J, Cargangiu ML, Delellis LA. Atlas of tumor pathology.[arquivosdeorl.org.br]
  • Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma [ 5% of all thyroid cancers] The prognosis is generally very poor with life expectancy of less than 1 year. Total thyroidectomy should be done if clinically feasible.[ocw.tufts.edu]


  • Pathophysiology The histopathology varies with the etiology and duration of the goiter.[ocw.tufts.edu]
  • Etiology Benign thyroid nodules ( 95% of cases) Thyroid Adenomas Adenomas are benign epithelial tumors derived from glandular epithelium.[amboss.com]
  • Hemorrhagic Cysts of the Thyroid Gland 1896 Hemorrhagic Cysts of the Thyroid Gland 1896 W.I.Bradley McGill University Comment: The etiology of cysts was looked at in the this paper from 1896.[thyroidnosurgery.com]
  • Benign Etiologies of Thyroid Nodules: Adenomas (macrofollicular, microfollicular) Colloid nodules Congenital abnormalities Simple or hemorrhagic cysts Lymphocytic or granulomatous nodules Hyperplastic nodules Subacute and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis Malignant[clinicaladvisor.com]
  • CTN Common 15-20% of solitary thyroid nodules are purely cystic 40% of all thyroid nodules have at least a small cystic component CTNs often recur after needle drainage Etiology Most often caused by hemorrhagic degeneration of hyperplastic regions of[incytepathology.wordpress.com]


  • Epidemiology References: [1] [2] Epidemiological data refers to the US, unless otherwise specified. Etiology Benign thyroid nodules ( 95% of cases) Thyroid Adenomas Adenomas are benign epithelial tumors derived from glandular epithelium.[amboss.com]
  • Epidemiology Palpable thyroid nodules in the pediatric and adolescent population are relatively rare, having an estimated prevalence of 0.2% to 1.4%, which is 5 to 10 times less than in adults. ( 1 ) Despite their lower occurrence, studies estimate 9%[pedsinreview.aappublications.org]
  • Epidemiology [ 1, 4 ] Between 4-7% of adults have palpable thyroid lumps. Many more will be detectable on high-definition ultrasonography.[patient.info]
  • ., Epidemiologic analysis of thyroid fine needle aspiration biopsies over a period of 18 years (1987-2004). Exp Clin Endocrinol Diabetes, 2008. 116(8): p. 496-500. *The author has no conflict of interest with this topic.[insideradiology.com.au]
Sex distribution
Age distribution


  • Pathophysiology The histopathology varies with the etiology and duration of the goiter.[ocw.tufts.edu]
  • […] either FNA (based on sonographic criteria) or monitoring (with repeat ultrasounds) if criteria are not met Sonographic criteria for fine-needle aspiration ( FNA ) References: [1] [3] Follicular adenoma Toxic adenoma Toxic multinodular goiter Epidemiology Pathophysiology[amboss.com]


  • The routine use of iodized table salt now helps prevent this deficiency. Risk factors are being female, being older than 40, having an inadequate dietary intake of iodine, living in an endemic area, and having a family history of goiters.[uclahealth.org]
  • This type of treatment usually prevents recurrence of the cyst. You do not need to be hospitalized, and this type of procedure is carried out even without anesthesia.[quest4health.com]
  • The American Thyroid Association recommend that people use iodized salt to prevent iodine deficiency. Inflammation Occasionally, a thyroid nodule happens because of an inflammation of the thyroid gland, known as subacute thyroiditis.[medicalnewstoday.com]
  • Support the back of your head and neck with both hands when you sit up to prevent discomfort at the biopsy site. Risks There is a small chance of problems from a thyroid biopsy, such as infection and bleeding.[northshore.org]
  • Epidemiology and prevention. Ann Ital Chir 1996;67:317–25. Knudsen N, Laurberg P, Perrild H, Bülow I, Ovesen L, Jørgensen T. Risk factors for goiter and thyroid nodules. Thyroid 2002;12:879–88. Vanderpas J.[racgp.org.au]

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