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Vision Disorder

Visual Disturbance


  • This disorder presents with visual or oculomotor symptoms and manifests as vision loss in one or both eyes, visual field loss, double vision, oscillopsia, anisocoria, blepharospasm, or ptosis.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • Abstract In addition to refractive errors such as myopia and astigmatism, ocular disorders that occur in infants, toddlers, and children may present lifelong problems for the child.[pediatrics.aappublications.org]
  • A sign that strabismic amblyopia may be present is that your child cries or whines when one or the other eye is covered during visual activities.[grantvisioncare.com]
  • Next to a sophisticated light show, this years anthem will have it’s premier and presented by Theracords’ Riot Shift. So mark your agenda’s and get ready for Saturday the 14th of October.[hardnews.nl]
  • A detailed explanation is presented tracing the sensory vision pathways from the retina to the lateral geniculate body, visual cortex, fusiform gyrus, and the hypothalamus.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • Does you child often complain of headaches? Headaches in children can stem from a wide range of causes; so if your child does get frequent headaches, you should consult your pediatrician to rule out serious conditions.[visuallearningcenter.com]
  • Symptoms of Convergence Insufficiency (Headaches, Eyestrain, Anxiety, etc.)[convergenceinsufficiency.org]
  • Headaches with near work Words run together while reading Burning, itchy, or watery eyes Skipping/repeating lines while reading Tilting head or closing one eye when reading Difficulty copying from a chalkboard Avoiding near work or reading Omitting small[seesmart.org]
  • Giant cell arteritis, also known as temporal arteritis, can compromise function of the eyes, scalp, and jaw, and symptoms include vision loss, double vision, headache, scalp tenderness, and pain, especially in the temples.[sightmd.com]
  • So, when one of them comes up to you and complains of a really bad headache, visions of brain tumors may creep in your mind. Relax, the headache may not be caused by any brain disorder.[rebuildyourvision.com]


  • We analyzed a large POAG patient cohort during treatment to reveal possible causes of vision disorder, assess vision-related quality of life (VRQL), and to evaluate the efficacy of rehabilitative treatments.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • Treatment of Convergence Insufficiency Treatments for CI can be categorized as active or passive: Active treatment : A multi-site randomized clinical trial funded by the National Eye Insitute has proven that the best treatment for convergence insufficiency[convergenceinsufficiency.org]
  • Home » What's New » More Effective Treatment Identified for Common Childhood Vision Disorder By: Posted by ALLDocs Admin from NEI Scientists have found a more effective treatment for a common childhood eye muscle coordination problem called convergence[drbrtva.com]
  • Treatment steps include: Diagnosis : Many neuro-ophthalmic conditions present similar symptoms, so a thorough analysis and diagnosis is the vital first step before moving forward with any treatment.[sightmd.com]
  • Convergence Insufficiency Treatment Trial. www.nei.nih.gov/neitraisl/viewStudyWeb.aspx?id 107. (Accessed 11/09). Convergence Insufficiency Treatment Trial Study Group.[optometricmanagement.com]


  • The variable etiology of POAG poses significant challenges for treatment and rehabilitation.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
  • Congenital cataract is the most frequent etiology of this type of amblyopia. Strictly speaking, this isn't a true form of amblyopia since it isn't of a functional nature but rather has a pathological and/or organic etiology. • Refractive amblyopias.[optometricmanagement.com]
  • Toxic effects from medications such as ethambutol are often suspected in the etiology of this disease, he said. A complete clinical evaluation is called for.[healio.com]


  • ., Prevent Blindness (PB) released a new report entitled The Future of Vision: Forecasting the Prevalence and Costs of Vision Problems.[vision-research.eu]
  • When detected early, we can treat this vision condition efficiently to prevent future complications.[eyestylesllc.com]
  • This abnormal shape prevents the light entering the eye from being focused correctly on the retina and causes distortion of vision.[liangvision.com]
  • In recent years, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found them to be increasingly popular among doctors and patients alike; from 1988–1994 through 2005–2008, the rate of use among all age groups increased nearly 400 percent, though men[medicaldaily.com]
  • During development, something prevented normal and healthy connections between the child’s eyes and brain; and the deficiency causes the brain to suppress images from the affected eye and favor the other eye.[visuallearningcenter.com]

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