Pictures and press material

Here you will find pictures and press material you can use. If you use images from this site for publication, please indicate the source Symptoma GmbH. We are happy to receive a specimen copy.

If you are interested in other high-resolution graphics or other data about Symptoma GmbH, Symptoma or other projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Logo Symptoma


Symptoma Logo, CYMK, PDF file, Download

Symptoma Logo, RGB, PDF file, Download

Symptoma Logo, Greyscale, PDF file, Download

Symptoma Logo, Stroke drawing, PDF file, Download


Jama Nateqi Pictures of Dr. Jama Nateqi (CEO & Founder)

Picture of Jama Nateqi, JPG file, Download



Thomas Lutz Pictures of Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Lutz (CEO & Founder)

Picture of Thomas Lutz, JPG file, Download