Initiation of peripheral blood progenitor cell harvest based on peripheral blood hematopoietic progenitor cell counts enumerated by the Sysmex SE9000.

2004: HSChi; EKKim; MWKim; SWKim; SHKim; SKim; JLLee; JLee; CJPark; JSPark; KUPark; CSuh;


NLM PMID: 15584992

Article abstract

The most reliable index for timing peripheral blood progenitor cell (PBPC) collection following mobilization is still to be determined. The techniques to enumerate peripheral blood (PB) CD34+ cells are expensive and time-consuming. The SE9000 (Sysmex) provides an estimate of immature cells, called hematopoietic progenitor cells (HPCs). The aim of this study was to prospectively evaluate the efficacy of PB HPC levels for timing PBPC harvest.
Thirty-five patients (15 non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and 20 multiple myeloma) were enrolled. PB HPCs and harvested CD34+ cells were counted with the SE9000 and flow cytometry, respectively. Circulating HPCs were monitored daily. PBPC harvest was initiated when HPC levels reached at least 5 per mm(3).
HPC levels reached 5 per mm(3) or more on Median Day 12 (range, days 9 to 16) of mobilizing chemotherapy. The median number of CD34+ cells collected per patient was 19.40 x 10(6) per kg (range, 1.94 x 10(6)-52.55 x 10(6) per kg). Both successful and optimal harvest was achieved in 97 percent of patients. PBPCs were successfully harvested in 25 patients (71%) in one session. An optimal harvest in a single session was attained in 16 patients (46%).
This might be the first prospective study showing the PB HPC level for timing PBPC harvest.

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