Numerical simulation of trace element transport on subsurface environment pollution in coal mine spoil.

2006: LBing; WHui-yun; LLei; XQiang;

J Trace Elem Med Biol.2006;20(2):97-104.

NLM PMID: 16785049

Article abstract

An understanding of the dynamic behavior of trace elements leaching from coal mine spoil is important in predicting the groundwater quality. The relationship between trace element concentrations and leaching times, pH values of the media is studied. Column leaching tests conducted in the laboratory showed that there was a close correlation between pH value and trace element concentrations. The longer the leaching time, the higher the trace element concentrations. Different trace elements are differently affected by pH values of leaching media. A numerical model for water flow and trace element transport has been developed based on analyzing the characteristics of migration and transformation of trace elements leached from coal mine spoil. Solutions to the coupled model are accomplished by Eulerian-Lagrangian localized adjoint method. Numerical simulation shows that rainfall intensity determined maximum leaching depth. As rainfall intensity is 3.6ml/s, the outflow concentrations indicate a breakthrough of trace elements beyond the column base, with peak concentration at 90cm depth. And the subsurface pollution range has a trend of increase with time. The model simulations are compared to experimental results of trace element concentrations, with reasonable agreement between them. The analysis and modeling of trace elements suggested that the infiltration of rainwater through the mine spoil might lead to potential groundwater pollution. It provides theoretical evidence for quantitative assessment soil-water quality of trace element transport on environment pollution.

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