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The clinical and imaging presentation of acute "non complicated" pyelonephritis: a new profile for an ancient disease.

2011: A Biglino; M Biolcati; V Consiglio; A De Pascale; MC Deagostini; MF Frascisco; GB Piccoli; F Porpiglia; F Ragni; M Serra; A Veltri;

Validation of a recombinant based antibody ELISA for diagnosis of human and canine leishmaniasis.

2008: A Biglino; F Daprà; E Ferroglio; L Gradoni; A Mannelli; W Mignone; S Rosati; A Scalone; R Zanatta;

Long-term follow-up of previous hepatitis C virus positive nonresponders to interferon monotherapy successfully retreated with combination therapy: are they really cured?

2006: North West Italian Hepatologic Group; M Andreoni; A Biglino; G Calleri; G Cariti; A Ciancio; G Ciccone; C Colletta; G Croce; A Di Napoli; C Giordanino; A Macor; A Manca; PG Orsi; M Pozzi; G Prandi; M Rizzetto; G Saracco; A Smedile; GF Tappero;

A randomized 4-arm multicenter study of interferon alfa-2b plus ribavirin in the treatment of patients with chronic hepatitis C relapsing after interferon monotherapy.

2002: M Andreoni; A Biglino; S Carenzi; G Cariti; A Ciancio; G Ciccone; G Croce; A Manca; A Olivero; PG Orsi; M Rizzetto; L Roffi; G Saracco; A Smedile; M Tabone; G Tappero;

Insulin resistance in HIV-infected patients: relationship with pro-inflammatory cytokines released by peripheral leukocytes.

2003: C Berardi; A Biglino; G Carlo Isaia; M Degioanni; P Del Rizzo; P Limone; M Paola Servato; C Pellissetto; M Valle;

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