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WNT activation by lithium abrogates TP53 mutation associated radiation resistance in medulloblastoma.

2014: B Alman; B Baskin; L Bognár; E Bouffet; RG Bristow; P Castelo-Branco; BK Cho; YJ Cho; SC Clifford; CF Conter; P Dirks; CG Eberhart; M Fouladi; M Fraser; PJ French; M Gessi; WA Grajkowska; N Gupta; P Hauser; CE Hawkins; N Jabado; DT Jones; S Jung; SK Kim; A Klekner; M Kool; A Korshunov; T Kumabe; B Lach; JR Leonard; LM Liau; D Malkin; DC Martin; L Massimi; PA Northcott; E Pfaff; SM Pfister; T Pietsch; IF Pollack; SL Pomeroy; R Poon; TJ Pugh; YS Ra; V Ramaswamy; PN Ray; M Remke; JB Rubin; S Rutkowski; DJ Shih; U Tabori; MD Taylor; K Tse; EG Van Meir; A Vasiljevic; AO von Bueren; KC Wang; WA Weiss; CH Zhang; N Zhukova; K Zitterbart;

Child Neurology: Pediatric seizures with hyaline astrocytic inclusions.

2013: CE Hawkins; LN Hazrati; BK Kleinschmidt-DeMasters; B O'Neill; JC Wong;

The role of intraoperative frozen section histology in obstetrical brachial plexus reconstruction.

2008: HM Clarke; CE Hawkins; A Murji; RJ Redett;

Survival benefit for pediatric patients with recurrent ependymoma treated with reirradiation.

2012: W Ballourah; UK Bartels; E Bouffet; CE Hawkins; A Huang; A Kulkarni; N Laperriere; DJ Mabbot; N Schoenhoff; U Tabori; MD Taylor; E Tsangaris;

Multiple CDK/CYCLIND genes are amplified in medulloblastoma and supratentorial primitive neuroectodermal brain tumor.

2012: E Bouffet; C Eberhart; CE Hawkins; A Huang; W Lam; M Li; W Lockwood; P Northcott; YS Ra; JT Rutka; JA Squire; MD Taylor; H Yan; M Yoshimoto; M Zielenska;

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University of Calgary
Universidade do Algarve
University of Toronto

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