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The implementation of therapeutic hypothermia in the emergency department: a multi-institution case review.

2012: D Barnes; A Elliot; SO Henderson; SW Johnson; D Joseph; M Joseph; E Kochert; C Kulstad; M Nelson; C Riguzzi; D Seif; D Slattery; M Zareh;

Symposium overview. The Third Annual Mount Desert Island Stem Cell Symposium. Comparative stem cell biology.

2004: D Barnes; C Bayne; A Parton;

Sentinel node biopsy in N0 squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity and oropharynx in patients previously treated with surgery or radiation therapy: a pilot study.

2007: D Barnes; M Bullock; RD Hart; E Henry; JG Nasser; SM Taylor; JR Trites;

Radar-enabled recovery of the Sutter's Mill meteorite, a carbonaceous chondrite regolith breccia.

2012: Sutter’s Mill Meteorite Consortium; J Albers; D Barnes; R Beauford; PG Brown; AS Burton; MW Caffee; TA Cahill; G Cooper; AM Davis; JP Dworkin; DS Ebel; JE Elsila; GR Eppich; ME Erdman; JM Friedrich; JA Fries; MD Fries; Z Gabelica; J Gattacceca; B Girten; DP Glavin; M Grady; K Hagiya; Y Hamajima; M Hankey; M Harir; PR Heck; N Hertkorn; T Hiroi; P Jenniskens; D Klotz; IE Kohl; AN Krot; M Laubenstein; JA Lawton; CT Lee; M Lerche; R Matson; T Mikouchi; K Nagao; K Nagashima; K Nishiizumi; M Nuevo; MH Nunn; R Ogliore; K Ohsumi; R Okazaki; S Pizzarello; I Puchtel; P Rochette; S Roeske; SA Sandford; P Schmitt-Kopplin; D Sears; EA Silber; SB Simon; K Smith; A Steele; H Takechi; MH Thiemens; A Verchovsky; KL Verosub; RJ Walker; KC Welten; J Wimpenny; SP Worden; A Yamakawa; QZ Yin; ED Young; M Zolensky;

Precision of light intensity measurement in biological optical microscopy.

2007: EK Asem; D Barnes; T Bernas; B Rajwa; JP Robinson;

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