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Radioimmunotherapy in relapsed follicular lymphoma previously treated by autologous bone marrow transplant: a report of eight new cases and literature review.

2008: PY Bondiau; JM Broglia; P Carrier; J Darcourt; X Fontana; R Gressin; G Lepeu; F Peyrade; I Peyrottes; B Slama; A Thyss; C Triby;

Intensive sequential chemotherapy with hematopoietic growth factor support for non-Hodgkin lymphoma in patients infected with the human immunodeficiency virus.

2004: C Alzieu; VJ Bardou; A Charbonnier; R Cohen; RT Costello; JM De Colella; JA Gastaut; G Lepeu; M Nezri; D Olive; I Poizot-Martin; L Xerri; H Zerazhi;

Therapeutic drug monitoring of lopinavir/ritonavir given alone or with a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor.

2004: T Allègre; C Dhiver; MP Drogoul; A Durand; B Lacarelle; A Lafeuillade; G Lepeu; M Mokhtari; J Moreau; N Petit; I Poizot-Martin; I Ravaux; C Solas;

Role of long-term nucleoside-analogue therapy in lipodystrophy and metabolic disorders in human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients.

2002: E Angelini; G Chêne; L Cotte; M Grappin; B Jarrousse; V Journot; JM Lang; G Lepeu; T May; JM Molina; P Morlat; F Raffi; C Rancinan;

Evaluation of the (R)VAD+C regimen for the treatment of newly diagnosed mantle cell lymphoma. Combined results of two prospective phase II trials from the French GOELAMS group.

2010: French GOELAMS group; P Casassus; S Caulet-Maugendre; PS Celigny; P Colombat; M Colonna; J Cornillon; B Corront; G Damaj; E Deconinck; A El Yamani; R Gressin; E Gyan; T Lamy; S Le Gouill; G Lepeu; H Maisonneuve; MP Moles; JF Rossi; O Tournilhac; JP Vilque;

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