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The sitting height/height ratio for age in healthy and short individuals and its potential role in selecting short children for SHOX analysis.

2013: IJ Arnhold; AD Baldin; AF Braz; EF Costalonga; EG Fontenele; MF Funari; G Guerra-Junior; AA Jorge; AC Malaquias; BB Mendonca; MY Nishi; RC Scalco;

The interactive effect of GHR-exon 3 and -202 A/C IGFBP3 polymorphisms on rhGH responsiveness and treatment outcomes in patients with Turner syndrome.

2012: SR Antonini; IJ Arnhold; AF Braz; EF Costalonga; AA Jorge; AC Malaquias; BB Mendonca; LR Montenegro; ES Ramos; EB Trarbach;

The first homozygous mutation (S226I) in the highly-conserved WSXWS-like motif of the GH receptor causing Laron syndrome: supression of GH secretion by GnRH analogue therapy not restored by dihydrotestosterone administration.

2004: IJ Arnhold; AA Jorge; BB Mendonca; SC Souza;

The E180splice mutation in the GHR gene causing Laron syndrome: witness of a Sephardic Jewish exodus from the Iberian Peninsula to the New World?

2014: IJ Arnhold; F Cassorla; D Damiani; C Fridman; FT Gonçalves; J Guevara-Aguirre; V Hwa; AA Jorge; Z Laron; TS Lins; EM Pinto; AL Rosembloom; RG Rosenfeld; O Shevah;

The benign spectrum of hypothalamic hamartomas: infrequent epilepsy and normal cognition in patients presenting with central precocious puberty.

2012: CC Adda; IJ Arnhold; N Banaskiwitz; VN Brito; LH Castro; P Cukier; C da Costa Leite; LR Ferreira; AC Latronico; BB Mendonca; LR Teles;

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