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PEG rescue with gastropexy after early tube withdrawal: an application of natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery (with video).

2010: B da Costa Martins; MS de Lima; FY Hondo; FS Kawaguti; F Maluf-Filho; CF Marques; CS Nahas; CZ Neves; JP Ribeiro; P Sakai; J Takada;

Extrahepatic anterograde covered self-expandable metallic stent placement across malignant biliary obstruction passed by endoscopic ultrasound guidance access: a challenging technique.

2012: EL Artifon; G Benevides; FC Carnevale; LP de Figueiredo; F Ferreira; FH Marcaccio; AM Mota; E Moura; JP Otoch; S Rasslan; P Sakai; J Takada;

Endoscopic ultrasound-guided choledochoduodenostomy and duodenal stenting in patients with unresectable periampullary cancer: one-step procedure by using linear echoendoscope.

2013: D Aparício; EL Artifon; FO Carneiro; EG de Moura; MS Frazão; JP Otoch; C Rabello; P Sakai; J Takada; S Wodak;

A prospective randomized study comparing partially covered metal stent versus plastic multistent in the endoscopic management of patients with postoperative benign bile duct strictures: a follow-up above 5 years.

2012 Jan-Mar: EL Artifon; P Boaventura; F Coelho; M Frazao; S Marqués; JB Paione; J Pinhata Otoch; C Rebello; J Takada;

Management of common bile duct stones in cirrhotic patients with coagulopathy: a comparison of supra-papillary puncture and standard cannulation technique.

2011: D Aparício; EL Artifon; R Baracat; DS Couto; EB da Silveira; RT Garcia; CM Sakai; J Takada; V Teich;

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