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S100A4 expression is a prognostic indicator in small intestine adenocarcinoma.

2013: H Cho; JY Chung; SH Eo; M Goggins; SM Hong; J Kim; S Knight; J Roh; E Yu;

Proximally migrated pancreatic stent successfully removed using needle-knife and forceps: complication after precut papillotomy assisted by pancreatic stenting.

2011: M Goggins; N Kakushima; H Kimura; H Matsubayashi; H Ono; S Ooka; H Sawai; M Tanaka;

Polymorphisms in genes related to one-carbon metabolism are not related to pancreatic cancer in PanScan and PanC4.

2013: I Agalliu; D Albanes; L Amundadottir; AA Arslan; S Bhattacharjee; MC Boutron-Ruault; PM Bracci; HB Bueno-de-Mesquita; JE Buring; F Canzian; K Chang; SJ Chanock; M Cotterchio; EJ Duell; JW Elena; CS Fuchs; S Gallinger; JM Gaziano; EL Giovanucci; M Goggins; M Gross; G Hallmans; SE Hankinson; P Hartge; JA Hoffman-Bolton; EA Holly; RN Hoover; DJ Hunter; A Hutchinson; EJ Jacobs; KB Jacobs; M Jenab; KT Khaw; AP Klein; C Kooperberg; P Kraft; V Krogh; RC Kurtz; A LaCroix; M Leenders; D Li; MT Mandelson; RR McWilliams; JB Mendelsohn; SH Olson; AV Patel; G Petersen; KG Rabe; E Riboli; HA Risch; XO Shu; V Stevens; RZ Stolzenberg-Solomon; A Tjønneland; GS Tobias; D Trichopoulos; P Vineis; J Virtamo; K Visvanathan; J Wactawski-Wende; BM Wolpin; H Yu; K Yu; A Zeleniuch-Jacquotte; W Zheng;

Pathological and molecular evaluation of pancreatic neoplasms.

2014: M Goggins; RH Hruban; A Rishi; LD Wood;

Mutant KRAS and GNAS DNA Concentrations in Secretin-Stimulated Pancreatic Fluid Collected from the Pancreatic Duct and the Duodenal Lumen.

2014: M Borges; MI Canto; M Goggins; M Kanda; K Maitani; Y Sadakari;

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