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The prion protein family: a view from the placenta.

2014: V Béringue; J Castille; A Duchesne; S Halliez; H Laude; S Makzhami; K Moazami-Goudarzi; S Mouillet-Richard; B Passet; D Vaiman; JL Vilotte; M Vilotte;

Submicroscopic deletions at 13q32.1 cause congenital microcoria.

2015: C Bole-Feysot; P Calvas; N Chassaing; E De Baere; JY Douet; L Fares-Taie; S Gerber; A Guilloux; M Iwai; J Kaplan; W Kimura; H Kondo; H Moisset; A Munnich; Y Nakamura; S Odent; B Passet; A Ramirez-Miranda; I Raymond-Letron; A Regnier; O Roche; JM Rozet; T Tanaka; A Tawara; H Verdin; JL Vilotte; M Vilotte; K Yamamoto; JC Zenteno;

Spatial and temporal down-regulation of transgene expression using the TRSID-silencer in mice: application to Prnp.

2008: V Béringue; J Chapuis; N Chenais; J Costa; P Decaunes; M Gallozzi; L Herzog; A Ladroue; H Laude; A Le Dur; S Le Guillou; F Le Provost; K Le Roux; B Passet; C Peyre; G Tilly; JL Vilotte; M Vilotte;

Targeted knock-down of cellular prion protein expression in myelinating Schwann cells does not alter mouse prion pathogenesis.

2013: V Béringue; N Chesnais; S Halliez; E Jaumain; C Langevin; H Laude; G Mallucci; JL Vilotte; M Vilotte;

Goat RSPO1 over-expression rescues sex-reversal in Rspo1-knockout XX mice but does not perturb testis differentiation in XY or sex-reversed XX mice.

2009: A Auguste; L Buscara; MC Chaboissier; S Chadi; AA Chassot; J Costa; J Laubier; F Le Provost; F Montazer-Torbati; E Pailhoux; M Pannetier; B Passet; L Renault; JL Vilotte; M Vilotte;

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