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YB-1 regulates stress granule formation and tumor progression by translationally activating G3BP1.

2015: H Cheng; O Delattre; A El-Naggar; V Evdokimova; M Gleave; TG Grunewald; S Hajee; G Leprivier; T Ng; SP Somasekharan; PH Sorensen; Y Wang; F Zhang;

Wilms' tumor in patients with 9q22.3 microdeletion syndrome suggests a role for PTCH1 in nephroblastomas.

2012: F Bourdeaut; A Briand; A David; O Delattre; B Isidor; C Jeanpierre; C Kannengiesser; E Lacaze; D Lafon; C Le Caignec; D Martin-Coignard; M Piccione; O Pichon; G Plessis; S Rossignol; N Sévenet;

Wild-type ALK and activating ALK-R1275Q and ALK-F1174L mutations upregulate Myc and initiate tumor formation in murine neural crest progenitor cells.

2014: KB Bourloud; A Coulon; O Delattre; M Flahaut; N Gross; I Janoueix-Lerosey; N Jauquier; JM Joseph; G Montavon; A Mühlethaler-Mottet; M Peuchmaur; L Sommer; P Yan;

VIP hypersecretion as primary or secondary syndrome in neuroblastoma: A retrospective study by the Société Française des Cancers de l'Enfant (SFCE).

2009: Neuroblastoma Committee of the Société Française des Cancers et Leucémies de l'Enfant et de l'Adolescent; F Bourdeaut; P Chastagner; C Coze; E De Carli; O Delattre; J Michon; M Peuchmaur; H Rubie; S Sarnacki; S Timsit;

Unexpected diagnosis for an adrenal tumor: synovial sarcoma.

2009: S Ballet; X Bertagna; G de Pinieux; O Delattre; B Dousset; F Goldwasser; PA Just; S Silvera; F Tissier; MC Vacher-Lavenu;

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